Day 117/365 {date}

Angela Chang Photography Day 117 of 365

Since I returned to work after my second mat leave, every weekend, I take Joshua on a “date”. Sometimes we run errands, sometimes we go play at the park, sometimes we go for a walk. It’s always just the two of us. The point is that we spend some time together that’s special for us.

One of his favorite things to do on our date is to go to the coffee shop a block away, eat a slice of banana bread, and drink a cup of water. Today we went to that coffee shop again. He let me take a picture of him. He also wanted to share my chair, so he snuggled right next to me. It was like heaven for me.

Work out

I came home from the gym this morning, and Joshua asked a gazillion questions about what I was doing in the gym. I told him I was working out so I can be strong.

Joshua: “Who is strong?”
Me: “Daddy is strong.”
Joshua: “Are you strong, Mommy?”
Me: “Yes, a little bit.”
Joshua: “Mommy, I am so strong.”
Me: “Yes, you are! You are strong because you are a big boy.”
Joshua: “No, I am so strong because I work out so much.”

I laughed and said, “Oh yeah? What kind of work out do you do?”

Joshua said, “The kind with my toys and cars.”

Day 114/365 {joy}

Angela Chang Photography Day 114 of 365

There is something so simple and so pure about a child’s joy. A twig on the ground, a fallen leaf, a rock, or just simply running down the walkway towards mommy can make them break out into a huge smile.

This little one has me wrapped around her little finger.

Day 113/365 {baby bear}

Angela Chang Photography Day 113 of 365

Joshua is still totally in love with Baby Bear. If you don’t know the story, this bear was a gift from Cliff to me many years ago. It sat on our headboard for the longest time. When Joshua was two, he discovered this bear, and he claimed it as his own. He referred to her as Baby Bear.

He treats Baby Bear like his own baby, mirroring what I would do with Savanna. He nursed Baby Bear, he taught her to walk, he fed her, he put her down for naps, he gave her baths, changed her diapers, and took her out for walks. Last week he even shushed me because, apparently, Baby Bear was taking a nap and I was talking too loud. He has also taken Baby Bear to preschool for show-and-tell at least twice.