Day 338/365 {stars}




So, our Christmas tree is up!

No, we didn’t get star shaped lights. However, it was kind of fun to play with a homemade bokeh filter. I asked Cliff to help me cut out a little star shaped filter. He ended up making one for stars, one for hearts, one for lightning bolts, one for arrows, one for happy face, one for candy canes, and one for hearts. I think the man has a problem.

Here is a tutorial on how you can do this at home:

Angela Chang Photography Day 338 of 365

My beautiful friend, Lisette

My friend, Itti, reminded me that I have been forgetting to put my photography business blog entries on my personal blog. While the majority of my friends are on Facebook and usually see that I share my blog status on my personal Facebook page, it’s easy for me to forget that not everyone is on Facebook. So if you start seeing duplicate entries again, this is why.

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for shooting something different. I wanted to experiment with a few things I learned. I put it out there on my personal Facebook page, and my brave friend Lisette volunteered to model for me.

Lisette is not one of those ladies who do anything half heartedly. She was a totally committed model. We talked briefly on the phone about wardrobe, and she showed up with a suit case full of clothes and shoes for us to choose from.

What was even more amazing is this–you see these beautiful images of her below? Yeah, she just finished running a half marathon 2 hours before these photos. Amazing! She was super fun to work with, and I just love how she brings simple shots to life.

Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour Vancouver 2 Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour Vancouver Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour