Little Peddleheads

This week, we had the kids registered for Peddleheads. I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario. Just 5 days ago, Savanna refused to try the balance bike, and Josh refused to consider taking his training wheels off. While I was work, I keep waiting for Cliff to text me that Peddleheads would send our kids home for being uncooperative.

On the contrary, Savanna showed up for her first class, got on the balance bike, and away she went. No fussing, no bad attitude, no fighting. During this week, she went from refusing to even try the balance bike, to booting around on it with ease.

As for Josh, who almost had a meltdown when we mentioned the removal of training wheels, is now riding a 16″ wheel new bike without training wheels. He still needs a little help with launching, but he can ride pretty comfortably and make turns all unassisted. It makes me so incredibly proud to see him riding two wheels.

Today I finally had a chance to go see them in their classes, and it was pouring rain. Both of them had a great attitude, didn’t whine or complain about the rain, and both had a great time. This was one of those mommy moments that I was doing fist pumps inside my head while standing at the sideline.

She LOVED the puddles

She LOVED the puddles


She really LOVED the puddles

She really LOVED the puddles


Did I mention she LOVED the puddles?

Did I mention she LOVED the puddles?

Peddleheads-3 Peddleheads-9 Peddleheads Peddleheads-2

Mini me

SavI don’t know what happened. I blinked, and she’s 2 and a half.

Where did my little baby go? And who’s this kid that kinda looks likes me?

Savanna is physically petite, but her personality is anything but. She’s kind of just like me–hard headed, and thinks she knows better. Often she’ll try to correct me even when I am obviously right (see the “Ok, cheese” post). Also, she is very specific in what she wants and how she wants it. For example, I must not wipe her face for her, I must only peel the top third of the banana for her, I’m not allowed to touch her when I am sweaty, and I must let her pair up her shoes before putting them on for her. I see a lot of my personality in her, which is very cool and very scary at the same time.


As far back as my memory goes, my mom has always been the artistic one in the family. She took painting and drawing classes, got into floral arrangements, and all sorts of arts and crafts. I didn’t always necessarily appreciated her vision, but I always admired her artistic abilities and her willingness to take the journey.

This year, she started taking photography classes. Last week she told me she wanted to photograph the sunset at Kits beach, so one night we hauled my gear to the beach so she can shoot. After all these years of being inspired by my mom, it was nice to see our interests finally converge.

Sunset-2 Sunset

First camping trip of 2015

A few weeks ago, we went on our first camping trip of the year with my brother’s family. Cliff and I have been going to Paradise Valley since we were university students. It is still run by the same family and it is wonderfully quiet.

This was also my mom’s first time camping in over 50 years. She was a little skeptical, but I think she did alright.

The kids had a blast, and got sooo dirty! When we got home, they turned the bath water grey.

My mom's first time camping in over 50 years.

My mom’s first time camping in over 50 years.

Josh painted me a rock

Josh painted me a rock

Rock painting

Rock painting

camping-6 camping-7 camping-8



S'mores FTW!

S’mores FTW!

Groggy morning face.

Groggy morning face.

Savanna won't let me put her sweater on for her. She wanted Josh to help her.

Savanna won’t let me put her sweater on for her. She wanted Josh to help her.

Keanon's pine cone float.

Keanon’s pine cone float.


Rather than painting rocks, she painted her face.

Rather than painting rocks, she painted her face.

Ok, cheese.

Savanna has a special relationship with Cliff. I mean, aside from the fact that she loves him, she actually listens to him. (Which also infers, she does NOT listen to me.) This becomes very obvious in our daily interactions.

We were at CostCo on the weekend buying groceries. The greeter at the door handed us a flyer. Savanna pointed to a picture of a tub of feta cheese and said, “Yogurt!”

I said, “That’s feta cheese.”

She said, “Yogurt!”

I said, “Look, it says c-h-e-e-s-e.” I tried to spell it out and show her the cheese in the picture.

Now she’s upset. She said, “No! Yogurt!”

I said, “Baby, trust me, it is feta cheese. When you can read, you’ll believe me.”

She asserted like she is correcting my obvious error, “No! Yogurt!”

Seeing that I was getting nowhere, I said, “Ok, ask Daddy.”

Cliff jumped in and said, “Savanna, that’s cheese.”

Her eyes softened when she looked at Cliff, she nodded her head, and said, “Ok, cheese.”

Playing soccer with Daddy.

Playing soccer with Daddy.

Little soccer star

Last week we had Josh in soccer camp. Because he has never played soccer before, I was worried about how he would like it. I don’t know why I worry about things like that. By the end of the week, he was asking for more. Phew.

I got to take him to camp on Friday because I took the day off. I watched the bigger kids shove him and push him (while I was holding myself back from running onto the field and punching the two clowns), and I saw him visibly upset. But at break time when I asked him how he felt, he said he didn’t feel very good about being pushed by the bigger kids, but he still likes soccer. He dusted himself off and went back to play.

He’s not my little soccer star because he’s good at soccer. He’s my little soccer star because of his attitude.

Soccer-2 Soccer-4 Soccer-6 Soccer

I miss you like crazy

Dear Sammy,

It has been exactly a year since you’ve been gone. I miss you like crazy.

I think about you everyday. Every time the kids see a black lab on the street, they point and exclaim, “Sammy!”

I miss watching you sleep and twitch your whole body in running dreams. I miss you nuzzling my hand and forcing me to pay attention to you. I miss you laying at my feet when I sit on the couch. I miss you running over to me the second you heard me crack the shell of an egg, and wolf down a whole egg in 2 seconds flat. I miss how you look at me with your big, gentle, soulful, brown eyes that are so full of love. You are one of those “best” things that has ever happened to me.

Thank you for all the love and joy you have selflessly shared with me. I miss you so much, buddy!