The big four-o

Normally, I don’t make a big deal of my birthdays. But turning 40 seems like such a big deal because it’s a whole new decade!

I really don’t “feel” 40. I’m not sure what 40 is supposed to feel like, but I still think that the university days weren’t *that* long ago. I even still very vividly remember a lot from high school. Funny thing is, I can barely remember what the heck I did yesterday.

I do have a lot of be grateful for, so I’ll spare you the gripe about my memory loss and aches/pains. I spent a beautiful weekend with some of my favorite people–Cliff, Josh and Savanna. We went up to Whistler, drank some beer, did some skiing, bungee jumped, and ate ice cream.

birthday beer

skiingbirthday bungee jump'


Getting air

We spent a weekend in Whistler as an early Father’s Day present for Cliff. Since we began this irresponsible parents behavior this past Christmas, the kids now associate Whistler and being thrown on the king size bed by daddy.

Whistler-2 Whistler-3 Whistler-4 Whistler-5 Whistler

The Cheakamus River

On our drive back from Whistler on the weekend, Josh pointed to the river and said, “Mommy, look! The ocean!”

I said, “That’s a river, baby. It’s called the Cheakamus River.”

Josh said, “Where are they?”

Confused, I said, “Where are who?”

Josh said, “The chickens.”

I asked, “What chickens?”

Josh said, “You said chicken river.”

I bursted out laughing and said, “No, the Cheakamus River!”

Josh wasn’t amused. He said, “Chicken-mus.”

I said, “No, not chicken. Chea-ka-mus.”

We tried it a few more times, but honestly, I have to admit it does sound a lot like “chicken-mus”.


Day 17/365 {pure bread}

Angela Chang Photography Day 17 of 365


I first learned about Pure Bread at the Kits farmers market in the summer.  It’s a bakery based in Whistler.  They make the most delicious lavender and earl grey scones, and basil and blueberry scones.  There is always a huge line up for the Pure Bread booth at the markets.

While in Whistler, we went to Pure Bread everyday!  This picture is their shop at a temporary location, because there was a fire at their old shop and it is currently being repaired.

Day 16/365 {blur}

I know it has been a little quiet here.  We just got back from spending a week in Whistler as a family to relax and welcome the new year.  I have some catching up to do with editing and posting my 365 project images.  I promise to get them all up to date by the end of the weekend.

Here is day 16, what a Christmas tree would look like in the Whistler village after a few drinks.

Angela Chang Photography Day 16 of 365

Whistler House

Joshua affectionately refers to our accommodation in Whistler as the “Whistler House”.  I thought it was very cute of him to do that.  Then I found out from The Chumsleys that their son referred to their accommodation in Hawaii as the “Hawaii House“.  I guess this is a common toddler language that they failed to put in the Health Canada booklet, so I was not as informed as I needed to be.

Joshua was so excited to be in a different place that he was high and wired for 5 days straight.  The place we were staying at had two levels…that means STAIRS!  Stairs!  Imagine that.  We have no stairs at home, so it’s a novelty for Joshua.  He climbed up and down that set of stairs at least 20 times a day just for fun.

There was also a bathroom that had two doors–one opens up to the master bedroom and the other opens up to the hallway.  He would run in one door and out the other, doing loops using the two doors.  That was probably the highlight of the trip for him.

We spent 5 days in Whistler over the new year.  Every time I go up to Whistler, I am amazed by the beauty of the mountains and snow there.  Even after all these years of being in Vancouver and driving up to Whistler, I am still in awe of the place.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to snowboard there this year, as I am nursing Savanna quite frequently.  We took Joshua to the convention centre where they had an indoor playground set up for kids, and he had a blast there.  We also did some tobogganing.  The rest of the time was spent walking around in the village, seeing some friends, watching movies, and amusing ourselves with stairs and bathroom doors.

It was a nice break from the city, and a fun time to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Tobogganing at night.

Tobogganing at night.

Hanging out in the village.

Hanging out in the village.



Taking a walk.

Taking a walk.

The outdoor ice rink.

The outdoor ice rink.

Ice cream at Cows.

Ice cream at Cows.