Little Peddleheads

This week, we had the kids registered for Peddleheads. I was bracing myself for the worst case scenario. Just 5 days ago, Savanna refused to try the balance bike, and Josh refused to consider taking his training wheels off. While I was work, I keep waiting for Cliff to text me that Peddleheads would send our kids home for being uncooperative.

On the contrary, Savanna showed up for her first class, got on the balance bike, and away she went. No fussing, no bad attitude, no fighting. During this week, she went from refusing to even try the balance bike, to booting around on it with ease.

As for Josh, who almost had a meltdown when we mentioned the removal of training wheels, is now riding a 16″ wheel new bike without training wheels. He still needs a little help with launching, but he can ride pretty comfortably and make turns all unassisted. It makes me so incredibly proud to see him riding two wheels.

Today I finally had a chance to go see them in their classes, and it was pouring rain. Both of them had a great attitude, didn’t whine or complain about the rain, and both had a great time. This was one of those mommy moments that I was doing fist pumps inside my head while standing at the sideline.

She LOVED the puddles

She LOVED the puddles


She really LOVED the puddles

She really LOVED the puddles


Did I mention she LOVED the puddles?

Did I mention she LOVED the puddles?

Peddleheads-3 Peddleheads-9 Peddleheads Peddleheads-2

Mini me

SavI don’t know what happened. I blinked, and she’s 2 and a half.

Where did my little baby go? And who’s this kid that kinda looks likes me?

Savanna is physically petite, but her personality is anything but. She’s kind of just like me–hard headed, and thinks she knows better. Often she’ll try to correct me even when I am obviously right (see the “Ok, cheese” post). Also, she is very specific in what she wants and how she wants it. For example, I must not wipe her face for her, I must only peel the top third of the banana for her, I’m not allowed to touch her when I am sweaty, and I must let her pair up her shoes before putting them on for her. I see a lot of my personality in her, which is very cool and very scary at the same time.

The big slide

Josh and Vanna-1MVI_2775-1When we were in Whistler last week, we took the kids to an indoor playground. There was an inflated slide probably 15 or 20 feet high. Josh is old enough to climb up and slide down quickly.

Savanna was ambitious enough to climb up there, but she refused to slide down when she got to the top. She was holding up the line with 5 kids behind her. We tried coaxing her, the other kids tried encouraging her, and she just wouldn’t budge. She didn’t look freaked out, but I can tell she was a bit scared. I was starting to get a little anxious for the kids waiting behind her.

Just then, Josh ran by while on his way to something else. He looked up and saw Savanna up at the top of the slide, and without me prompting, said, “Oh, I’ll go up to get her!”

Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t know.

Before I know it, he has climbed to the top, positioned himself right behind her, held her, and pushed the both of them down the slide safely. And when they got to the bottom, he said to Savanna, “You did it, little girl!” with a smile and enthusiasm.

I must have been pms’ing, because I felt so emotional about this that I actually cried. My baby boy is no longer a baby. He is so confident and so loving.


Savanna’s first camping trip

Almost exactly 2 years ago, we took Josh camping for the first time. All I could remember is how miserable I felt on that trip. Looking back now, I suspect the pregnancy hormone and the physical discomfort probably had something to do with it too.

We decided to brave it and take both kids camping this past weekend. It was Savanna’s first camping trip ever. Even with all of us crowded into a smaller tent, forgetting to pack some important things, me having stomach issues, and the campground being kind of crappy, I enjoyed the experience and I think Savanna did too.

Savanna loved sitting in the lawn chair, running across the grassy field, stuffing her face with marshmallows, and rolling around in the tent. She also loves sitting outside the tent and playing with the rain fly. It was so much fun for me to see her so excited about every little thing.

First time camping-4 First time camping-7 First time camping-8 First time camping-9 First time camping-10 First time camping-14 First time camping-19 First time camping-22

Recent funnies


I was sitting on the couch playing with Joshua one day.  He said he wanted to go get some books for us to read.  I said ok.  I was more than happy to just sit and do nothing.

As he walked away to get books, he looked back at me and said, “You stay there.”

I said, “Ok.”

He took a couple of steps, looked back, and said, “Don’t move.”

I said, “Ok!”

He took a few more steps, and looked back again, and said with a serious tone, “Do you understand what I said?”


Joshua: “Daddy, I don’t have a tail.”

Cliff: “No, only Sam has a tail.”

Joshua: “I don’t want a tail.”

Cliff: “How come?”

Joshua: “I don’t want something in my butt.”


Joshua: “Mommy, you call Daddy ‘babe’?”

Me: “Yes.  You call him Daddy, and I call him babe.”

Joshua: “Can I call Daddy ‘babe’?”

Me: “Nah, you call him Daddy.  He’s my babe.  You have to find your own ‘babe’ one day.”

Joshua: “I will call you ‘babe’.”


One morning while I was playing with Joshua, he noticed I didn’t have my phone nearby.

Joshua: “Mommy, where is your phone?”

Me: “It’s on my bed.”

Joshua: “Why is it on your bed?”

Me: “I left it there because I want to spend time with you.”

Joshua: “Oh, you want to spend time with me?”

Me: “Yes, I do, baby!”

Joshua: “I want to spend time with you too.”  Then he runs off into the master bedroom, and came running back out 3 seconds later to resume playing.

Later I found his phone next to mine.


The itchy ruffles

I spent all night last night writing my previous post, and getting myself psyched up about my son wearing a princess dress for Halloween.  I prepared myself mentally.  If Joshua chooses to wear the dress, so be it.  I am going to stand next to him, look every mom in the eye, and proudly say that my handsome little man wants to wear a dress.

Half an hour before we headed out to the Spook Fest, I put out his choices–the monkey suit, or the princess dress–and asked Joshua, “Which one do you want to wear?”

Without much of a pause, he said, “The monkey.”

Wait, what?

“The monkey.”

“Are you sure?  I thought you wanted to be a princess!”

“Um, I want the monkey.”

“Uh, ok.  But are you sure???”  I was starting to sound a little desperate.  Come on, I was all ready to be the mom who lets her son wear a dress!

Joshua was done with my questions.  He wanted the monkey suit.  Damned kiddo, sending me on an emotional roller coaster.

I put Joshua in the monkey suit, put Savanna in her cow costume, and put both kids in the stroller and we headed out.  We went to the event, saw a ton of his preschool friends, neighborhood kids, and their parents.  It was a fun event with cookie decorating, bouncy castle, crafts and activities.

On our way home, I asked Joshua, “Why didn’t you want to wear the princess dress?  You looked so cute in it.”

Joshua said, “Um, coz it’s itchy.”

It turned out that the ruffles on the dress bothers his neck, his wrists, and his legs.  This guy is a creature of comfort…just like his mama.  He’ll probably wear his PJs all day if he could.

After dinner tonight, I proposed that we all get dressed up and go play at the park for a bit.  I suggested to Joshua he could wear something underneath the dress to prevent the itchiness.  He was then very willing to put on the dress.

We played at the park for about half an hour.  It was after dinner and getting a bit chilli, so there were very few kids there.  Nobody said anything.  All the adults who walked by looked at Joshua and Savanna and smiled.

Well, that was that.  He was a monkey this morning, and a princess this evening.  Looking back, I am not so sure why it was such a big deal in my head about the princess thing.  I am constantly learning how to be a mom.  This has been one big lesson for me to allow my child to make his own choices, and stand by him no matter what.

kids-2993 Savanna-3034Joshua-3017Savanna-3090 Joshua-3072