Tall ships and fish and chips

When we went to Richmond to see the tall ships on the weekend, the park was packed like a zoo. Then after the weekend I found out that two of the ships will be docked at the Maritime Museum for a week. So today, on Cliff’s day off, we headed out there to see them.

It was a lovely overcast day with little wind. There was practically no one at the ships and absolutely no line up. We got up close to see the ships and got a few pictures. It was a much better experience than going to Richmond on the weekend.

In the afternoon we decided to drive out to Burnaby to have fish and chips at Cockney Kings. That was also much better than the fish and chips we had a Pajo’s. It was like replicating our weekend at Steveston, but better.

Tall ships

We took Joshua to see the tall ships at Garry Point Park today. It was a beautiful sunny day with a huge crowd at the park.

We started with some fish and chips at Pajo’s. Then waited for Grant and Cathy to show up and waited for them to eat their fish and chips. By the time we got to the park, there was a huge crowd gathered around all the ships. We didn’t want to line up and wait to get on the ships, so we only saw them from a distance.

Fish and chips at Pajo’s:

Keanon enjoying his crab cakes:

Tall ship in the background: