Day 75/365 {swing}

Angela Chang Photography Day 75 of 365


It was Savanna’s first time on this kind of swing.  Joshua insisted on holding her hand so she wouldn’t be scared.  The truth is, Savanna is a bit of a dare devil, and I didn’t think she would be scared. It turned out that she loved this swing.  The two of them giggled with each push.  Moments like this fills my heart with so much joy that I feel like I could burst.

Beautiful autumn day


Nothing makes me happier than seeing Joshua enjoy himself.  We went for a walk today around Kitsilano, and stopped by the park to play on the swing.  Joshua giggled the whole time and had a blast.

The weather has been so gorgeous for the past few days.  The air is crisp, and the sun shines bright.  I love being out and about in this weather!