First time snowshoeing

We went snowshoeing with some friends today, and it was Joshua’s first time going snowshoeing.

I carried him the entire way in the Baby Ergo. Adding the 15 lbs of his weight made it a really good work out for me to snowshoe! Joshua slept the entire way–1 and 1/2 hour–in the Baby Ergo.

Unfortunately Cliff and I had a fight before going, and continued to fight about other things along the way. In addition, I was totally stressed out about where I could stop to feed Joshua, and not wanting to breastfeed in the crowded ski lodge. Ultimately, I didn’t really enjoy myself mostly due to the fights and the stress.

I think next time it’ll be much easier if Cliff and I went snowshoeing on our own with Joshua. That way we don’t have to wait around for other people, and it’ll be much easier to keep up with Joshua’s needs.

I do love taking Joshua to experience various activities like swimming or snowshoeing. I hope this gives him a good foundation of sports choices at an early age, and one day he will find his own passion and things he enjoys doing.