Who knew that fever turns a toddler into velcro?

We went to Salt Spring Island with some friends on the weekend, and Joshua brought home a fever as a souvenir.  We’re still not sure if the fever is caused by teething or a flu or whatever it is.  The poor guy’s fever is so high, I’m pretty sure I can fry an egg on his forehead.

As soon as he started to feel the fever come on, he became very clingy.  He kept repeating, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” for no reason, and constantly requested to be held.  He didn’t want to just sit in my lap. He wanted to face me, wrap his arms around my neck, and legs around my big belly.  The fever turned my kid into a piece of velcro!

We had a great time at Salt Spring Island, but I don’t have any pictures to share. My damn computer is still in the shop, and I have a piece of 30-lb velcro stuck to me for most of the night.


Catching up

So much has been going on in the past couple of weeks around here, but of course you wouldn’t know it from the lack of posts and pictures.  In a nutshell, we’ve all taken turns getting the stomach flu, and so far Cliff is the only one who is 100% recovered.

This post is just a mish mash of things so my few visitors can get caught up.  I promise I have a much more exciting blog post coming tomorrow!

  • Cliff was trying to teach Joshua that sometimes he has to wait a bit, and be patient.  One night I said, “Joshua, just give me a minute,” when he wanted something.  He looked at me and said, “Mommy, patient.”  I almost fell off my chair.
  • Sometimes in the mornings Joshua stands in the crib shaking the rail, making the entire crib rattle when he wants to come out.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided he is big enough to transition to a toddler’s bed.  We bought him a really cute toddler bed, and held our breath the first night we put him in it.  I was ready to be up all night because he’ll probably want to get up and play, or fall out, or whatever.  But not a peep came from him all night.  He slept through the night with no issues.  It was a bit anti-claimatic.  He loves his toddler bed!
  • Last Sunday morning, Joshua woke up and vomited all over his room.  He proceeded to vomit 4 more times and had diarrhea 10 times the rest of the day.  The nurse hotline lady told us to take him in to ensure he’s not dehydrated, telling me all sorts of scary scenarios if he became dehydrated.  We spent 3 hours waiting at the Children’s Hospital, only to be told that he’s not dehydrated and we can go home.  I’m sure all this experience I’m accumulating as a mother is going to come in handy one day.  Right?  Right?
  • I remember getting the stomach flu before.  The last time it happened, I took 2 days off work, and did nothing but stay in the bathroom at home for the 2 days.  I didn’t have to do anything but take care of myself.  This time, with Joshua running around and Cliff just as sick as me, it was no easy task.  I threw out my “no TV” policy, and let Joshua watch cartoons all day, while Cliff and I laid on the couch and took turns darting to the bathroom.  Awesome.
  • We are going on vacation in a month.  Yes, vacation!  We’re going to Tokyo for 5 days, and Taiwan for 8 days.  We have family in both cities, and we’ll be spending all of our waking hours visiting and eating.  That’s the plan.

Alright, that’s it for now.  The exciting post tomorrow will involve that husband of mine.  It was an idea I’ve had in my head for a while.  Since he doesn’t read my blog, I can sort of say whatever I want about him on here.

Hey Babe, I think you are HOT!!!!

Don’t worry, he will never know that I said that about him.  Anyway, you’ll have to wait and see what the post is all about tomorrow.


Sick baby with toilet paper



From the picture, you’ll never know that he’s running a fever of over 38 Celcius.  In the middle of the night last night, he was up and fussing because he was so congested.  This morning he started running a fever, and was cranky for most of the day.


Contrary to my usual ways, I put on a DVD for Joshua.  Rather than whining the entire time, he was at least distracted for a few minutes at a time.  He wasn’t interested in toys or food at all.  At one point he did crawl away from the living room, and that’s where I found him unrolling the toilet paper.  I ran to get the camera for this shot.


His fever did subside a bit when some Tylenol.  He napped terribly today, constantly gasping for air through his congested little nose.  The fever returned again before bed, so he got another dose of Tylenol.  I really hope it’ll help him sleep through the night!