Day 50/365 {Groceries}


Savanna took me grocery shopping on Sunday. But she didn’t check that CostCo opens at 10 am on Sundays. We got there at 9:15 am, and had to wait outside. Damn kid.


Day 48/365 {Fly away}


We regularly play this game called “airplane”. I lay on my back, and lift one of the kids up into the air with just my legs. We always call out “lift off”, then “fly away Savanna/Joshua”. They stay up in the air for a while, then we hit some turbulence, then we call out “may day may day”, then they crash to the ground, and we all giggle.

Day 43/365 {Fall}


No, it’s not the best photo I had from Sunday. It’s out of focus, and it’s framed weird. I snapped it quickly while I was running towards her. But I love this photo, because it’s a very real part of life. We fall, we skin our knees, and we cry. Not every photo that shows up on Facebook is representative of our lives. I am trying to throw in a few on my blog that is real.

Day 22/365 {Rain or Shine}


We were skiing in Whistler this weekend. This morning, while I was sitting on the chair lift with Savanna, we played a game of “I spy”. It’s our chair lift routine. I love listening to her sweet little voice while she makes me guess what she has seen with her eyes.

After the game, she pointed to the glistening snow and said it looked like ice cream. I said, “Hey, do you want to get some ice cream today?” Ice cream is a special treat, and not something we get on a regular basis. But she had just charmed me to death with her cute voice, and had just showed me a whole morning of great attitude even when skiing got a little hard. I couldn’t resist but offer up a special treat just because she mentioned it. I’m so weak.

We went to Rain or Shine, and she picked salted caramel. She’s definitely my girl!

Day 14/365 {Up}

The last time we came to this playground, Savanna was strapped to me in a Ergo baby carrier, and Josh needed help to get up the steep steps. Today, Josh did the zip line and climbed up the rope ladder to the top of the giant slide, and Savanna didn’t want me to hold her hand going up the stairs. These damn children are growing too fast.


Day 6/365 {Jump}


I got to pick up Savanna from preschool today. It was just starting to warm up enough that some of the snow on the ground has melted. The two of us had a puddle jumping party behind the community centre, kicking and splashing, making a muddy mess of our shoes and pants.

Unrelated story. Some guy walked by us and smiled. I thought we made him smile by our silliness. I smiled back. You know, I was being friendly and neighbourly and all. A couple of minutes later, after Savanna and I had enough puddle splashing, she looked up and pointed to the side my camera and asked, “Mommy, what’s that?”

I turned my camera around and looked. To my horror, I realized that the back-up tampon in my camera bag was stuck on my wrist strap, hanging off the side of my camera. This whole time I was taking pictures and jumping in puddles, the tampon was hanging off my camera.

Now I wonder if the guy who smiled at us earlier was actually smiling at us, or was stifling a laugh at me.