Annual Christmas ornament picture

The year Joshua was born, I took a picture of myself and him reflected in a silver ornament.  The next year, I thought it would be cool to do the same thing.  This year, it has become sort of a tradition.

As long as we still have some of these glass balls survive the two kids (so far Joshua has only broken one), I think I’ll keep taking these pictures every year.

Joshua's first Christmas.

Joshua’s first Christmas.

Second Christmas.

Second Christmas.

Third Christmas.

Third Christmas.

Handsome boy

He is the most beautiful creation I’ve ever seen with my eyes! Every time I look at his little face, I am in awe of how God created something so magnificent.

Charming boy

Joshua always made eye contact, since the day he was born. I have always been blown away by how far advanced in development he is. Now that he’s 9 weeks old, he has started smiling and totally charming the tar out of me. It’s hard not to snap pictures of him all day and all night.

Bundle of cuteness:

“I’m too sexy for this shot”: