Day 1/365 {Papa Saur}

Back in 2013/2014, I committed to doing a 365 project–taking 1 photo a day for 365 days. I had a blast doing it, and ended up with many photos I loved. I felt like the project helped me to always remember how important it is to make those images your heart sees.

Now a few years later, I feel like it’s time to refresh or re-energize that belief again. Long story short, here I am, starting my second 365 project. I am excited, and a little nervous.

On another note, I have also decided to disconnect my blog posts and Facebook. I have always set my blog posts to automatically link to Facebook, but I just turned off that function. I found that 99% of my blog traffic is coming from Facebook, but 80% of my “friends” on Facebook are people I don’t see on a regular basis. Do they really care about all the going-on’s in my life? Not likely.


So, day 1 was January 1st. We went to my brother’s house for a visit. Cathy made the dough, and we brought toppings to make pizza. I like how Cliff proudly sports his Papa Saur shirt. It really reflects him well.

The simple things in life

Angela Chang Photography Vancouver family black white

After a busy week and feeling like I don’t see my kids enough, I took Savanna to get groceries at CostCo on the weekend. The simple acts of racing her up the concrete ramp built for shopping carts, giggling our heads off, and finding this cool corner for this photo made me so happy.


As far back as my memory goes, my mom has always been the artistic one in the family. She took painting and drawing classes, got into floral arrangements, and all sorts of arts and crafts. I didn’t always necessarily appreciated her vision, but I always admired her artistic abilities and her willingness to take the journey.

This year, she started taking photography classes. Last week she told me she wanted to photograph the sunset at Kits beach, so one night we hauled my gear to the beach so she can shoot. After all these years of being inspired by my mom, it was nice to see our interests finally converge.

Sunset-2 Sunset

Defining my photographic style

Hey everyone, I need your help, please!

I need to define my photographic style. What I am looking for is THREE ADJECTIVES from you, based on your thoughts of some photos below. You can leave a comment here, text me, email me, or comment on Facebook. I’d REALLY appreciate your input!

I have picked some of my favorite personal photos from the last couple of years. I think they reflect how I normally photograph people, and I would really love to be able to describe to others what my “style” is in three words. Obviously for clients I always include shots of more formal portraits with everyone all posed and looking at the camera, but these ones here are what I gravitate towards. Some of these I love because of the lighting and the framing, and some I love because of my own emotional attachment to that moment.

Thank you for your help!! Have a fabulous Thursday!

my favorites-2 my favorites-3 my favorites-5 my favorites-7 my favorites-10 my favorites-11 my favorites-12 my favorites-14