Alina and Joshua are pretty close in age, and they play at the playground together every afternoon all summer.  He calls her “Lina”.  Her family lives about a block away from us.  Throughout the summer and fall, we have spent many hours together drawing with sidewalk chalk, sliding down the slide on our bellies, riding bikes, building wood chip piles, and blowing bubbles.  Joshua always looks forward to the afternoons because he gets to play with Alina at the park.  If she wasn’t there at the park, then he asks me non-stop, “Where is Lina?”

We headed out to my favorite park in the area to photograph Alina’s family.  We didn’t end up with much formal portraits of everyone smiling nicely and looking at the camera.  However, I really felt like the images captured the love and interaction amongst the members of the family, which really tugs at my heartstring.

Angela Chang Photography Vancouver photographer-3768 Angela Chang Photography Vancouver photographer-4087 Angela Chang Photography Vancouver photographer-4123

Miles the little man

Lucky for me, this is the third year in a row that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph Miles and his family.  I met Miles’ mom at the community centre baby group when Miles and my son were both babies.  That was about 3 years ago.  It has been so much fun to see Miles grow into the little man that he is today.  He loves to eat fish, he reads alphabets, and he loves to help out in the kitchen.

We had our session at Granville Island.  We ran around, played hide-and-seek, ate a bagel, and ended the session in chasing seagulls.  Fun times!

Angela Chang Photography-4347 Angela Chang Photography-4557

Jenn, Sean, and Maddi

Jenn and I go way back to the mid-90’s when we were in our early 20’s. For a period of time (a year, maybe?), we were housemates when we went to SFU. We used to spend hours talking late into the night and working on term papers and making meals together. I always think about sweetened condensed milk and shredded coconut on toast when I think about Jenn.

Jenn is now a professional photographer with a beautiful family. I had the privilege to photograph them so Jenn can have some updated images for her website that is about to launch.

Jenn-0143Edited Jenn-0161Edited Jenn-0198Edited

Aidan and Megan

I met Julie when we worked together a few years ago.  Since then Julie has moved on to greener pasture in order to spend more time with her family.  Julie is one of those very diligent parents who gets portraits of her family done on an annual basis.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph her kids, Aidan and Megan, on a gorgeous sunny day.  The occasion was Aidan’s upcoming birthday.  Happy birthday, Aidan!

Julie (26 of 36) Julie (25 of 36) Julie (33 of 36)