Day 28/365 {abstract}

Angela Chang Photography Day 28 of 365


In the middle of watching a movie this evening, Joshua requested to pause the movie so he can paint.

Um, ok?

Here is the art he produced while Kung-fu Panda waited for us.

I guess it’s kind of cheating for me to post a picture of his art work and call it a day for my 365 project.  I did have another concept today to shoot some pigeons flying by, but the pigeons never came today.

Day 27/365 {paint}

Angela Chang Photography Day 27 of 365

When Joshua was less than a year old, we bought a blank canvas, and handed him a paint brush with some paint.  We then hung the “art” he made over our dining room table.  I finally got around to buying another blank canvas, and this time gave it to Savanna to make her mark.  She seemed to have quite enjoyed the process, painting all the way from the canvas to the floor to her own forehead.  Her canvas is going up on the wall as soon as the paint cures.