Mila is on the top of my “easiest baby” list. Even with being moved around, with all the outfit and hat changes, and being held by her brother, she slept. Once in a while she popped her eyes open to check out what is going on, and would then drift back to sleep.

She is also on the top of “most full head of hair” list. Her thick and beautiful dark hair curled at the ends, making her so irresistibly cute. Mila (1 of 1) Mila (2 of 31) Mila (8 of 31) Mila (23 of 31)Mila (31 of 31)



David’s mom and I have been friends for many years.  We used to spend hours walking around the seawall at Stanley Park and talking about our grand future.  David is a part of this grand-ness.  He was only 6 hours old when I first met him, and he already stole my heart.  It was so much fun to photograph him and capture his edible cheeks and gorgeous eyes.

Angela Chang Photography newborn Vancouver baby photographer 2 Angela Chang Photography newborn Vancouver baby photographer 3 Angela Chang Photography newborn Vancouver baby photographer


Elizabeth was 13 days old when I came to photograph her.  She was the first human baby of the household, and she has an older fur sister named Tess.  Tess welcomed me with lots of kisses and excited squeals.

I love the family photos with the tender connection between Dad and Elizabeth.  Tess also put on her super cute face for me to photograph too!

Angela Chang Photography-3307 Angela Chang Photography-3338 Angela Chang Photography-3355 Angela Chang Photography-3440


On Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Ella.  She was just under 3 weeks old.  Ella has a full head of hair, and the sweetest little face.  Apparently I tired Ella out at our session, because her mom told me that she had a really good sleep that night.

I had recently purchased some new blankets, stretchy wraps, and the “hairy rug” (I call it hairy rug because I don’t know the proper name for it) to use as props.  I was excited to put them to good use with Ella.  I think the colors worked out really well to achieve the warm tone effect that I just love.

Angela Chang Photography Angela Chang Photography3 Angela Chang Photography2 copy

Baby Katelyn

I can’t hide the fact that I just L.O.V.E. newborn babies.  It always gets me so excited to hold one in my arms.  I love the sweet smell of a newborn baby, the sleepiness, the curliness, the tightly clenched fists, even the flaky skin.

This week I was so fortunate to photograph Katelyn.  She was just 6 days old.  Doesn’t she have just the sweetest face!

Kate-2-2 Kate-2 Kate-0862



It’s not a secret that I love newborn babies. I admire their brand new presence in this world, and love their sweet smell and tightly clenched fists. I love their little toes and even the dried up dark cord sticking out of their belly buttons. Newborn babies are only “newborns” for a very short period of time. At this stage, they grow and change almost on a daily basis. It’s important to capture their “new-ness” so that it is never forgotten.

A while back I got to photograph Tim and Marie’s maternity session. Those two are troopers, having a lot of fun despite the freezing cold and rain during our shoot. This week I had the privilege of shooting their newborn baby–Sebastien. Sebastien has the sweetest face. He was awake through most of the shoot, and he smiled a lot.  I was so in love with that baby, I would have totally kept him if Tim and Marie didn’t insist on taking him home. Ha!



I know I’ve written about this many times before, but I still don’t get tired of looking at how Joshua and Savanna interact.  Joshua is constantly asking to hold Savanna, and Savanna would smile and coo when Joshua is in front of her.

Yeah, yeah, I know one day they are going to fight over toys and stupid little things.  But heck, I’m going to enjoy moments like this when they show love to each other.

Joshua and Savanna-7842