Day 43/365 {packing}

Angela Chang Photography Day 43 of 365


I used to pity parents at the airport with a gazillion bags, strollers, car seats, and kids running wild on excitement and messed up sleep schedule.  I would turn to Cliff and whisper, this is why we should never have kids.

I hereby apologize to all those parents I pitied. I took a little glimpse of a crazy moment in theirs lives and used that against them.  I had no idea that beyond those crazy moments, there’s so much more joy, love and pride to be experienced by becoming a parent.

So who cares that our kids will be running wild around the airport today, miss their naps, and Cliff and I will be buried under our bags, strollers and car seats?  We’re creating memories with our kids that I will treasure forever.

Day 42/365 {luggage}

Angela Chang Photography Day 42 of 365

My mom bought me a set of Samsonite luggage as a wedding gift.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on some suit cases, but my mom said good quality suit cases will make my life much easier.  She was right.  After 11 years and many trips, these luggage look new like day one and have never given me any problems.  Thank you, Mom!

I have just over 2 weeks of having absolutely no work responsibilities while being between jobs.  So we decided that today we’ll hop on a plane and escape to somewhere warm.  So for the next little while, it’ll be quieter on this blog as I unplug and spend time with my family.  I will catch up on all my 365 photos when we get back.