Street Photography final project

After agonizing over my photos for hours, I decided to go with the “pairing” theme, and picked these six photos to present as my term project for the Street Photography class.  All the pictures contain people or objects in “pairs”.  I had the photos giclee printed at a professional lab with the wide borders, and presented them to my class on Saturday.

My teacher liked the top 4 pictures here.  He felt that the bottom 2 didn’t quite make the feel of the series.  I have to agree with him.  I was scrambling to get the minimum requirement of 6 pictures together, so I may have thrown in some that I’m not totally in love with.

Anyway, he really like the top 4 pictures, and I’m pretty sure I passed the course.  It has been a really interesting experience for me to shoot on the street, breaking a lot of the rules  I learned in a studio setting.  I am not likely to ever become a professional street photographer, but I think learning about street photography has made me a more well-rounded photographer.

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Commercial Drive

The street photography class met today on Commercial Drive as our shooting location.  The assignment was called “The Decisive Moment”.  We were supposed to find an interesting background, frame the shot, and wait for something interesting to happen.

Well, that didn’t work too well for me, because I was impatient.  I would frame a background, and wait, and wait, and wait, and then lose my patience.  I’d find the next background, frame the shot, and lose my patience.  So after a couple of hours of this repeated cycle of failure in the pouring rain and wind, I just walked around and took whatever pictures I wanted.

I am so going to fail this assignment.

Street-7065Street-6806 Street-6866