As far back as my memory goes, my mom has always been the artistic one in the family. She took painting and drawing classes, got into floral arrangements, and all sorts of arts and crafts. I didn’t always necessarily appreciated her vision, but I always admired her artistic abilities and her willingness to take the journey.

This year, she started taking photography classes. Last week she told me she wanted to photograph the sunset at Kits beach, so one night we hauled my gear to the beach so she can shoot. After all these years of being inspired by my mom, it was nice to see our interests finally converge.

Sunset-2 Sunset

Gorgeous fall day

Things have been a little busy for the last week or so.  This is my last week of maternity leave.  I was determined that this week will be spent by savouring every moment I have with Joshua. Today the air was cool, the sky was blue, and it was a gorgeous fall day despite the wind.  We went for a walk to get some groceries and enjoy the sunshine.  Everywhere we went, the red and orange and yellow leaves took my breath away.

After the walk, we went home, had some lunch, then went down to the courtyard of the complex for some pictures.  The courtyard has a small patch of grass that is free of dog pee and poop.  When we first moved into the complex, I was quite unhappy about not being able to take Sam down there because of the stupid strata rules.  But now I am actually quite relieved that there is one patch of clean grass in Kitsilano that Joshua can play on.

I was thinking today how much life has changed since Joshua’s arrival.  Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if we didn’t have Joshua.  Mostly likely, I’d just be slaving away at work, and dreaming of the next vacation.  For many years I didn’t want children because I was terrified of screwing up someone’s life.  It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that even the most amazing parents screw up somewhere, so I’ll just have to do my best and take the hit when my kid tells me where I screwed up.

I’ve enjoyed this past year so much, which makes going back to work much more difficult.  I’ve had so much fun.  I can recall maybe two or three really rough days, but it was complete bliss the other 362 or 363 days.


Beautiful autumn day


Nothing makes me happier than seeing Joshua enjoy himself.  We went for a walk today around Kitsilano, and stopped by the park to play on the swing.  Joshua giggled the whole time and had a blast.

The weather has been so gorgeous for the past few days.  The air is crisp, and the sun shines bright.  I love being out and about in this weather!



Photo shoot at Jericho Beach

Jenn and I used to be roommates waaaay back when we were going to SFU.  I haven’t seen these guys since their wedding over 5 years ago.  They are now expecting their first baby in 3 weeks.  Exciting time!

The weather was completely uncooperative today.  During the shoot, we had rain, we had sun, we had a mix of sun and rain.  I couldn’t ask them to sit on the benches or the logs because everything was wet.  Despite that, we had a fun time!

Best of luck with the delivery, Jenn and Sean!

Partying all weekend


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the month of August.  This weekend was no exception.

We were busy all weekend.  Saturday we went to a 1st birthday party at the Creekside Community Centre.  Wow, what a great facility!  I think I’ll take Joshua there more often. He loved the play gym and all the toys.  Then we went for a Costco run and got some wild salmon to BBQ for dinner.

Sunday morning we went to visit a friend who just had a baby girl.  I held the baby in my arms while Cliff and the couple ate lunch.  I really did not want to give her back to her mom.  She was so tiny and so precious!

Then we went to the Kitsilano Farmers Market.  It was the corn carnival.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a lot going on with the corn carnival other than two vendors were selling corn.  But we bought some corn anyway.

The partying continues when we then went to the block party at the park just behind us.  The businesses close by sponsored the event, so there was a huge slide for the kids, music, free hot dog and corn roast, and a few games.  There were lots of families and kids and dogs.  Oliver and Teresa brought Ainsley and Joy to join the party.  We also ran into a little girl in Joshua’s music class.  It was very nice block party!


Cliff and Joshua outside the Creekside Community Centre:

Block party corn and hot dog roast:

Stella the dog: