Sayounara, Fenu (Good-bye, Boat)

When we bought our boat 3 years ago, we named it “Fenu”, which literally means “boat” in Japanese.  And today we said good-bye to Fenu as she goes to a new home.

I have really enjoyed the little boat.  It was sad for me to see her being towed away by the new owner.  I asked myself why I would miss the boat.  Partly it’s because I love being on the water.  While the motor is running, the wind blowing through your hair, and you steer the little craft to cut through water, it’s so…freeing.

But the biggest reason for missing the boat is because of how much Joshua enjoyed it.  Since the first minute he got in the boat, he loved it.  He was only 18 months old back then.  When the boat bounced over the waves, he giggled and bounced up and down on his knees.  While I steered the boat, he sat on the bow seat playing peek-a-boo with me and smiled the sweetest smiles at me.  He insisted on steering the boat.  He fell asleep in my arms numerous times.  He loved launching and loading the boat with me.  Nothing made me happier than seeing my son so happy.  I will never forget how much I laughed with him on that little boat.

We partly sold the boat for financial reasons, and partly because it’s difficult to do the launching and maintenance with a baby strapped to me.  Maybe one day when the kids are a little bit older and we have a place to store it ourselves, we would get another one.

Thank you, Fenu.  It has been a slice!

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Back on the water

We got our boat out of storage, and took it out on the water for the first time this year.  This is Savanna’s first time on the boat.  I guess the rocking motion on the boat was just too enjoyable for a baby; she slept through most of it.  She only managed to be awake when we stopped for lunch.

It was a gorgeous day today, and it was so nice to be back on the water.

Joshua-2999 Savanna-2998

Belly size dictates the boating season


Today is our last day of the boating season.  We have a lot planned for weekends in October, so we figured it’s time to put away the toy.

As I put on my life jacket today, I could barely buckle up the jacket around my belly.  I had the straps loosened up as much as possible, but still had to take a deep breath before I can do up the buckle.  I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing we’re putting the boat away.

The weather turned out to be quite mild today, and we even had some sunshine up in Indian Arm.  There was barely anyone out on the water today.

We cruised up to the top of the arm, and had a little picnic lunch in the sun.  The water was very calm.

On the way back, both of the boys on the boat fell asleep in mommy’s arms.



Out on the water

When we bought our boat last winter, we had no idea about how to even turn the thing on, let alone trailering and launching. One of my biggest concern is if Joshua would enjoy being on the boat.  If he hated it, we may have no choice but to sell it.

Eventually we learned to trailer and launch and load the boat (thanks to YouTube tutorials!).  And my worry of how Joshua would do was completely unnecessary.  From the first time he got on the boat this summer, he was hooked.  He would kneel on the bow seat, bounce up and down when the boat hits waves, and laugh and giggle.

The other thing we learned to do, is crabbing.  It’s probably the one form of fishing that requires the least amount of knowledge and skills.  We’ve had a number of incredible meals this summer feasting on fresh crab.

There are a few things I really loved about boating this summer.  I loved having our family and friends join us on the boat, enjoying a cruise of wherever we were going.  It’s something a little different to do than, say, going to a park.  We also usually somehow incorporate a little picnic on the boat or a feast of crabs afterwards.  I also loved seeing our land from a different perspective.  I’ve been to Deep Cove a hundred times, but have never seen it from the inlet.  I also love just sitting back and enjoying the cruise when Cliff is driving.  The sound of the wind and the boat motor drowns all the noise in my head, and it’s quite relaxing.

The biggest enjoyment for me is actually seeing how Joshua loves being on the boat.  Today he sat on the bow seat, looking back at me while I was driving, and he had the biggest grin on his face.  I couldn’t help but break into a big grin too, because he has just melted my heart.

The weather is starting to cool off a little as summer comes to an end.  When we went out on the water today, there was barely anyone out there.  We’re planning to put the boat back into storage at the end of the month.  If the weather is decent, we might go out a couple more times in September.  It’s been a great summer having this little boat!

Catching dinner

So far this summer, we’ve set the crab trap twice and haven’t caught anything.  The first time I think we were somewhere a little too deep in Indian Arm and the trap likely didn’t reach the bottom.  The second time was the same thing at a different location.

Today we went boating with some friends up Indian Arm, and thought we’d give it another try with the crab trap.  We baited the cage with chicken and sardines, set the trap, and hoped for the best.  We went on our way up to the tip of Indian Arm, enjoyed a lunch spread prepared by our friends, and came back to pick up the trap 1 1/2 hour later.

As Cliff was pulling up the trap, I can see he was actually using some effort to pull.  An empty trap would have come up easily without much effort.  This has to be good.  There has to be something in the trap!  I crossed my fingers as he pulled, thinking in the back of my mind that hopefully we have something for dinner. 100 ft of rope later, he pulled out the trap with 12 crabs in it.  I think I giggled like a kid with excitement.

We checked the size and gender of the crabs, and threw back the ones we couldn’t keep.  We were also limited to only keeping 4 of the crabs because we only had one tidal fishing licence.  We ended up with 3 dungeness and 1 red rock, all of very decent size.

On the way home, I sent a text message to our foodie friends soliciting for a dinner invitation, and received a positive reply.  So we went over to their place, they steamed up the crabs, and make a butter/lemon/white truffle oil dipping sauce to go with the crab.  I think all my taste buds had died and gone to heaven!  The crabs were sweet and juicy, and the sauce just about put me over the edge.

It was so exciting for me to catch our dinner!

Father’s Day for an awesome dad

When Cliff and I got married, I told him I didn’t really want kids.  We were busy with building our careers and having fun, and no plans for kids were in the horizon.

However, I always knew Cliff would make a great dad.  I knew he would be very patient and loving.  So I knew if we did have kids, at least they have a 50/50 chance of getting those good genes from Cliff.  So 7 years later, Joshua arrived.  Life has certainly not been the same ever since.

Cliff never made me feel like raising Joshua was more of my responsibility than his.  He has always been keen to change diapers, give baths, read, play with, and do anything goofy to entertain Joshua.  When the decision came for him to stay home with Joshua on a full-time basis, he embraced it.  Joshua absolutely adores Cliff and loves to be with him!

Happy Father’s Day, babe!  You’re an amazing dad!  When the kiddos are old enough they will tell you that themselves.

Father’s Day breakfast; asparagus and cheese strata.  Joshua actually helped to make this:

Baked oatmeal with bananas and blueberries:

Father’s Day cruise:

Hanging out at home after cruising: