Contender to the top of the gross-ness chart

I will soon give everyone an update on how Savanna is doing with the bottle issue.  But today I have to tell you all about one of the most disgusting things happening in our household, because I cannot bear keeping the story to myself!

We have been using the NoseFrida snot sucker since Joshua was a little baby, and now we use it on Savanna.  (You know where this is going, right?)  The NoseFrida is a tube you use to suck snot out of your baby.  The concept is a bit gross, but man, this thing is more effective than any other product for snot removal.  You put the tip of the tube in your baby’s nose, and put the red mouth piece in your mouth, and manually suck out the snot.  There’s a blue filter that stops the snot from being sucked into your mouth, so it’s all good.  The snot sucker gets the job done quickly and safely, and babies get instant relief.  I’ve told all my friends about this product, and most of them find it very useful as well.

The NoseFrida snot sucker.

The NoseFrida snot sucker.

Savanna has been under the weather this week, so Cliff has the snot sucker out, ready for use.  Last night when Savanna was quite congested, Cliff used it on her.  He put the tip end close to her nose, put the mouth piece in his mouth, and sucked on the tube.  He could see a bunch of snot coming out of her nose, going into the tube.

Cliff continued sucking, trying to remove all the snot from Savanna’s nose.  With all the effort in sucking, Cliff thought his mouth was producing extra saliva because all of a sudden he felt a rush of saliva in his mouth.  He thought nothing of it, finished sucking, and went to wash out the tube.

When he went to the bathroom to wash the tube, he took apart the snot sucker, and realized that the filter was not where it needed to be.  The filter that stops snot from getting sucked into your mouth is missing.  So all that extra saliva he was feeling?  Yeah, not saliva.  It was Savanna’s snot.  The snot ended up in Cliff’s mouth, and he swallowed it all.

Have you lost your dinner yet?

A year ago I wrote a post about Joshua putting his snot in my mouth, and I thought that was the top of the gross-ness chart.  I think Cliff’s story is a strong contender for the top of the gross-ness chart!

Top of the gross-ness chart

As a mother, there are many things you end up dealing with that are just gross.  Like sucking the snot out of your congested baby, getting poop on your hands when you change a diaper, or cleaning up barf with milk and cheese in it, or almost licking a smear you thought was avocado.  I’ve dealt with all those things and never complained.

Until today.

Today, I’ve experienced something that tops the gross-ness chart!

I was trying to put Joshua down for a nap this afternoon and I ended up falling asleep before him.  I woke up a few minutes later because Joshua had his right index finger in my mouth, poking around and picking at my gum.  I pulled his hand out of my mouth and turned my head away from his evil deeds.  Then I felt something in my mouth, like a small piece of food partical or something.  I thought maybe Joshua had stuck some chewed-on food in my mouth.  That would have been gross, but not THAT bad on the gross-ness scale.

I used my thumb and index finger to fish out the small partical.  When I saw what it was, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. 

It was a giant piece of snot.

Green snot.

Joshua had picked his nose and stuck his snot in my mouth!

I almost died.