It’s always an awesome problem when I open up a set of photos to edit and find too many good ones. That’s what happened with Sherry’s photos. I think I’ll be editing for quite a while.

While I’ve known Sherry for many years in her professional career as the friendly, helpful, and cheerful type, I never knew she has this hidden sultry side. She rocked her session and we had a blast.

Sherry-1 Sherry-2 Sherry-3 Sherry-5 Sherry-6 Sherry-8 Sherry-9


I remember when I first met Norma many years ago, she was this quiet and reserved young lady. We worked together for many years, and she never fail to amaze me with her intellect and work ethic. I sorely miss having a colleague like her.

Sometimes I forget that Norma is no longer a “kid”. She is now a mother of the most beautiful little girl who turns one this week.

Norma-9 Norma-10 Norma Norma-3 Norma-7




If you have followed my blog for any amount of time, you would have heard me mention my friend Itt, who happens to be the last human being on earth who isn’t on Facebook. I try not to hold that against her.

Itti has been one of the biggest supporter of my photography journey. She is so supportive that she volunteered to be my first glamour shoot model. Unfortunately our schedules conflicted, then I was sick, blah blah blah, and it only took 2 months for our shoot to actually happen.

When we finally got shooting, magic happens.

Itti glam boudoir-12

Itti glam boudoir-11 Itti glam boudoir Itti glam boudoir-4Itti glam boudoir-15 Itti glam boudoir-5 Itti glam boudoir-17


Ivy and I met for the first time on the day we moved in together as roommates back in our university days. I am just one super lucky chic to get someone like Ivy as a roommate. She has the biggest and most gentle  heart, and she put up with all my pranks. Even when I don’t see her for a long time, we can always pick it up where we left off last time.

Ivy bravely volunteered to be my model. I loved the photos, and I love Ivy. :)

FYI, the bottom two photos are Ivy wearing a traditional Singapore outfit.

Ivy (7 of 14) Ivy (8 of 14) Ivy (12 of 14) Ivy (13 of 14)

My beautiful friend, Lisette

My friend, Itti, reminded me that I have been forgetting to put my photography business blog entries on my personal blog. While the majority of my friends are on Facebook and usually see that I share my blog status on my personal Facebook page, it’s easy for me to forget that not everyone is on Facebook. So if you start seeing duplicate entries again, this is why.

A few weeks ago, I was in the mood for shooting something different. I wanted to experiment with a few things I learned. I put it out there on my personal Facebook page, and my brave friend Lisette volunteered to model for me.

Lisette is not one of those ladies who do anything half heartedly. She was a totally committed model. We talked briefly on the phone about wardrobe, and she showed up with a suit case full of clothes and shoes for us to choose from.

What was even more amazing is this–you see these beautiful images of her below? Yeah, she just finished running a half marathon 2 hours before these photos. Amazing! She was super fun to work with, and I just love how she brings simple shots to life.

Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour Vancouver 2 Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour Vancouver Angela Chang Photography beauty glamour