Gender disappointment

There was an essay in the Globe and Mail this week on “gender disappointment”. The author of the essay wrote about her desperate disappointment when she found at the ultrasound that her child is a boy, not a girl that she was hoping for.

The author admitted that she had all these ideas of sharing her love for girly movies and books with a daughter, and dressing up the little girl in fancy clothes. Just imagine her disappointment when she found out they are having a boy–messy, naughty, overly active, etc.

The essay made me think about how Cliff and I wanted a girl when we were first pregnant, and it prompted me to write this posting.  I would hope that he never doubts how much he is wanted and loved. Regardless of his gender, how he looks, what he ends up doing with his life, I wholeheartedly want this baby.

The gender of the baby is not something we get to decide. It’s a gift. God has decided to gift us with a boy, and I am very excited. I can’t wait to meet Joshua!