Happy Father’s Day

fathers day

Josh and Savanna are lucky beans because they have Cliff for a dad. He is an awesome dad, not because of the once-in-a-while heroic moments, but in the day in and day out grind of life. He is there for the kids from the moment they were born, changing more diapers than I have. He is there when Josh took his first step. He is there packing the school lunches, picking up and dropping off. He is there to catch Savanna’s vomit in his bare hands when she was sick. He picks up all the tiny pieces of Lego before he vacuums the rug.

There is no glory and the job is not sexy. But when I see the adoration in the kids’ eyes, I know Cliff is their hero.





Father’s Day for an awesome dad

When Cliff and I got married, I told him I didn’t really want kids.  We were busy with building our careers and having fun, and no plans for kids were in the horizon.

However, I always knew Cliff would make a great dad.  I knew he would be very patient and loving.  So I knew if we did have kids, at least they have a 50/50 chance of getting those good genes from Cliff.  So 7 years later, Joshua arrived.  Life has certainly not been the same ever since.

Cliff never made me feel like raising Joshua was more of my responsibility than his.  He has always been keen to change diapers, give baths, read, play with, and do anything goofy to entertain Joshua.  When the decision came for him to stay home with Joshua on a full-time basis, he embraced it.  Joshua absolutely adores Cliff and loves to be with him!

Happy Father’s Day, babe!  You’re an amazing dad!  When the kiddos are old enough they will tell you that themselves.

Father’s Day breakfast; asparagus and cheese strata.  Joshua actually helped to make this:

Baked oatmeal with bananas and blueberries:

Father’s Day cruise:

Hanging out at home after cruising:

Father’s Day

This is Cliff’s first Father’s Day.  To celebrate, we had brunch at White Spot down the street.

At the restaurant, Joshua turned around in his high chair and totally flirted with the grandmother at the table next to us.  I think it made Cliff’s day because someone was so charmed by our little boy.

We also went and visited Cliff’s dad’s grave.  It was an emotional time for Cliff like it always is.  Then we spent the afternoon taking walks, playing with Joshua, and taking naps.