My brother’s family

A few weeks ago, we had dinner at my brother’s house.  I noticed him and his wife have recently put up new pictures on their wall.  There are lots of pictures of the kids, but the one picture they have of all 4 of them is a snapshot I took in their living room quite a while back.  It wasn’t a bad picture per se, but it was just a snapshot and it does not represent the beauty of their family.  It was a bit of a shock to me to realize at that moment that I’ve never properly photographed my brother’s family.

So we rectified the situation yesterday by heading to Granville Island for some family photos.  We got rained on a little bit, but the light was so soft and beautiful, and my nephews were such a joy to be around.

Grant-0553 Grant-0558 Grant-0563 Grant-0594 Grant-0600Grant-0609

The Chumsleys

One of my all-time favorite subjects to shoot is kids.  In particular, babies and young kids.  You can’t script it, they don’t pose for you, and you just have to do whatever works for them.  It is So. Much. Fun.  I love every chance I get to shoot them.  Yesterday, thanks to Sarah, I got to shoot her little man.

I met Sarah almost 2 years ago at the community parent/infant group when our boys were both newborns.  We had scheduled a photo shoot for her family this week.  Yesterday we caught a lucky break during a long spell of crummy weather.  Miles, the star of the show, was super cheerful and expressive.  I probably could have kept them at that park for hours.

I love watching these guys interact.  Sarah is probably one of the most patient moms I’ve ever met in my life.  Miles can steal their car keys and sneak out to party all night and that won’t even faze her.  She has a blog about Miles and lots of fabulous recipes.  Miles is very comfortable using both words and sign language.  It’s almost a bit unfair how talented everyone is in that family.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from yesterday.