Day 60/365 {elevator}

Joshua runs down the apartment hallway with me in the mornings to press the elevator button for me.  Last week since I started my new job, he insists on seeing me leave in the elevator.  Here’s a quick cell phone picture of him in the hallway, waiting for the elevator door to close. Just after this moment, he said, “Mommy, I’ll miss you” in a little sad voice.  The elevator door closed before I could respond, but that was enough to rip my little heart out and break it to pieces.

Angela Chang Photography Day 60 of 365

Day 31/365 {elevator button}

When I leave for work every morning, Joshua insists on pressing the elevator button for me.  So we always leave the apartment and walk down the hallway together.  He’ll call the elevator for me, say “bye Mommy”, and run back into the apartment.  It’s our little routine that I enjoy immensely.

Angela Chang Photography Day 31 of 365