Who knew that fever turns a toddler into velcro?

We went to Salt Spring Island with some friends on the weekend, and Joshua brought home a fever as a souvenir.  We’re still not sure if the fever is caused by teething or a flu or whatever it is.  The poor guy’s fever is so high, I’m pretty sure I can fry an egg on his forehead.

As soon as he started to feel the fever come on, he became very clingy.  He kept repeating, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” for no reason, and constantly requested to be held.  He didn’t want to just sit in my lap. He wanted to face me, wrap his arms around my neck, and legs around my big belly.  The fever turned my kid into a piece of velcro!

We had a great time at Salt Spring Island, but I don’t have any pictures to share. My damn computer is still in the shop, and I have a piece of 30-lb velcro stuck to me for most of the night.