Do you care about my address?

Last year, I opted to pay for this blog address:

It’s now up for renewal.  If I do not renew it, my blog address would be this:

I’d like to get a feel from you, my friends, family, and subscribers, if you care which address I use.  Let me know what you think, please.

This blog or that blog?

Once upon a time, I had 4 different blogs.  Yeah, crazy eh?  I had one for motorcycles and road trips, one for my exotic travels, one for hikes and outdoors, and one for photography.  Then I decided to consolidate all my blogs to this one, and just put the posts in different categories (travel, motorcycle, photography, family, etc).  I think it makes sense that when you come visit here at The Westcoastmama, you get me and all of my baggage.  This is who I am.

Now that I’ve started a website for the photography business, I started a blog over there to sort of keep business and pleasure separate.  I mean, I don’t think a potential photography client wants to read about my personal life events such as my toddler smearing poop on his walls, right?

So now where would I post my photography related stuff?  Should I put them here on Westcoastmama?  Or put them over there at  Or repeat them in both places?  I’m a little torn.

For example, I photographed this gorgeous little man today and I am dying to share the photos.  Do I post the photos here?  Or on the official business website?  Or both?

Oh my wise family and friends, what would you do?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this!