Day 130/365 {Ivory}

14 years ago today, it was hot and sunny. I remember it well. I had to raise my arms to keep my armpits cool, while the rest of me sweated under the heavy wedding dress. Later, when I was walking down the isle, I can see Cliff standing at the alter, a sweaty mess as well.

Fast forward 14 years. I came home from work, soaking wet from riding my bike home in the rain. I opened the door to our apartment, and was welcomed by the two little humans I gave birth to, the fur baby we recently adopted, and the same sweaty sweet guy I married 14 years ago. Ah, how life has changed. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything else in the world.

Babe, thank you for being you, and letting me be me.

Day 130 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Day 110 -126/365

I have to stop calling these “catching up” posts. It seems like I have zero discipline when it comes to posting on a daily basis.

The past couple of weeks, I have suffered from non-busyness. I actually do well in life when I’m busy. But two weeks ago, all of a sudden a bunch of projects at work got finished up and sent out the door, and I wasn’t super busy anymore. It was nice to have a day to get a breather once in a while. But for me, when I’m not stressing out at work, I fall apart. I get bored. I slack off and get absolutely nothing done all day. This is also reflected in my photography. I missed many days.

So. Um. Yeah. Let’s move on and show you what I do have.

Day 110 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

These are two lovely people I have met at the Help Portrait events before. On this day, we were volunteering at Ronald McDonald House that hosts out-of-town families staying there for their children’s hospital visit at BC Children’s. Some are in town for a quick standard procedure, some have been there for 9 months for their children’s cancer treatment. There are no words to describe how much I looked forward to seeing my kids that night and holding them tight.

Day 112 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Sonia treated me to a cooking demonstration class for my birthday. The theme of the day was Mediterranean food. The food was great, and the company was even better.

Day 117 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Here is our growing pea plant. I have been meaning to show more photos of our planter box’s progress. But you know, lazy-itis got to me.

Day 118 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Savanna still likes playing with me at her current age. She doesn’t get tired of asking me to play her toys with her, do puzzles with her, read with her, or lay down in her bed with her. I am going to use this to remind her one day (when she is a teenager) that playing with mommy used to be cool.

Day 123 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I have this minor Pinterest addiction. I say minor because I can avoid it for 6 months at a time, then I will binge pinning non-stop for weeks. Anyway, I came across this turmeric tea recipe on Pinterest last week. I read in Scott Jerak’s book that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so I figured I’d give this tea a try since my tendonitis has been acting up. It actually tasted quite good.

Day 124 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I went with Josh’s class field trip to the Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad. This is where the kennels are. They look almost like prison cells from the outside. For some reason, I don’t think the dogs really care about how the hallway looks.

Day 125 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Spring is definitely here. A back-alley corner looks better than any gardening I would be able to come up with.

Day 126 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I made some chocolate chip frozen yogurt for the kids. Savanna was wolfing hers down. I asked her if it was two thumbs up, and she only gave me one thumb. I guess it was good, but not amazing. Damn Pinterest.


Day 103, 104, 105/365

Day 103 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Josh and I went for a bike ride to Jericho beach. The whole trip was just over 9 kilometres. He was so determined to beat his previous record of trip length.

Day 104 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

This is Howard, Josh’s class bear. Howard goes home with a different child each day. The child gets to hang out with Howard and write in Howard’s journal about what they did together. On this day, Howard got to go with Josh for a photoshoot to capture the cherry blossom in Vancouver.

Day 105 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Another day, another bike ride to the beach. I love being on two wheels, and it gives me such immense pleasure to see Josh enjoy it too.

365 catching up

Day 87 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

My car insurance renewal notice came in the mail. I thought about our vacation plans in July, then decided to let my insurance expire. Really, I live 5 km away from the office. There is no good reason for me to drive to and from work everyday. A combination of my love for 2-wheels and my hate for the bus resulted in biking to work 100% of the time. You’ll be seeing a lot more cycling related posts coming up.

Day 88 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

About 15 years ago, a friend gave me this cycling jacket. I was getting into cycling and had no money, and she had a spare. I have used this jacket for many miles. For the past few years though, it sat in the closet while I was busy either being pregnant or having little babies to care for. I pulled the jacket out a few weeks ago, since I started biking to work. After years of wear and tear, the laminate inside started falling apart. A trail of white flakes followed me when I wear it. This week, I decided to retire this veteran jacket. Carolyn, thank you for your generosity all those years ago. The jacket had a long life.

Day 92 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

We rode our bikes together last weekend. Savanna was seated comfortably on my handlebar and enjoyed the view. Josh had to actually ride his bike. He was determined to break his previous record of a 4-km ride. We made it all the way to Earnest Ice Cream for a treat. We then rode along the seawall back to Kits. By the 9 km mark, his little legs were toast. He fell over while walking his bike to cross a busy street, skinning his knees. I kissed his teary cheeks and smiled, because I am so proud of him!

Day 94 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

One morning, I got on the bike just around 6 am to ride to work. The sky was fire-y orange with the sunrise.

Day 95 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

At the bike locker at work, there are all these locks hanging there. They are there when I arrive, and they are there when I leave. They look like poor orphans with no owners.

Day 96 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Josh has always been super sweet. I think he is made of sugar. One day last week when I got home, I saw this envelope taped to the door. He had drawn two elephants for me (because they are my favorite animals).

Day 97 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

This is me, standing at MEC by the bike service shop. One of the screws on my cleats came loose and disappeared, causing the cleat to spin around in my pedals without disengaging. I nearly fell over at a stop because I couldn’t get my foot out. The bike tech found a spare screw in the backroom and temporarily fixed my cleats so I can ride home. He gave me a speech about how I should have checked my cleats before the ride. It’s one of those moments where I gladly accepted the speech, because, you know, he is right.

Day 98 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

At PureBread, I asked Savanna what she would like for a treat. She pointed to the ciabatta bread. I said, Don’t you want a scone or something sweet? She said, No, that one, and pointed again to the ciabatta bread. Ok, kiddo. Your choice!

Day 66/365 {Not just coffee}

I had a really, really, really shitty start to the week. Multiple things have gone wrong both on the client front and on the staff front. I came in to work early this morning to deal with some things, but really all I wanted to do was curl up in fetal position, suck on my thumb, and rock back and forth.

While I was deep into doing some research, Sonia walked into my office and put a cup of coffee on my desk. I was like, uh, what’s this? She said she brought me coffee because she knew I was having a shitty week.

Sometimes, things can get shitty in life. But then when you have friends like Sonia, who reads your mind before you even realize how you are feeling, the shitty-ness all of a sudden does not seem so bad.

Day 66 of 365 Angela Chang Photography