Who says having a girl is more expensive?

It has been almost exactly a month since Savanna last ingested baby formula.  At her 4-month check-up this week, we learned that she is still on her growth curve at the exact same percentile.  That means she has been putting on just the right amount of weight.

Thanks to her refusal of a bottle, we no longer have to buy any baby formula.  That translates to over $50 a month we no longer have to spend.  Savanna is saving us money!

On a more serious note, I cannot get over how fast she is growing.  I try so hard to savour every moment with her, try to remember how little she was, try to memorize the feel of her little hands and feet, but she still keeps on growing like weeds.  I am so afraid that tomorrow I’m going to wake up and realize her baby phase is already over.