Day 127-129/365

Day 128 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The principal at Josh’s school has been away for a few weeks for health reasons. Josh decided one night that he was going to write Mr. Evans a card. It said, “I hope you are orite (alright)”. I thought it was very sweet of him.

Day 129 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The tube in my bike’s back tire bursted one night without warning. I had the bike turned upside down and snapped this photo of my gear while I waited for Cliff to come home with new tubes.

Day 127 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The sun rises earlier and earlier everyday now. I am starting to forget what it’s like to wake up in the dark, go to the gym in the dark, and go to work in the dark. This photo was the sun casting shadows on the fire escape door in my building at 5:30 am while I was on my way to the gym.

Day 130/365 {Ivory}

14 years ago today, it was hot and sunny. I remember it well. I had to raise my arms to keep my armpits cool, while the rest of me sweated under the heavy wedding dress. Later, when I was walking down the isle, I can see Cliff standing at the alter, a sweaty mess as well.

Fast forward 14 years. I came home from work, soaking wet from riding my bike home in the rain. I opened the door to our apartment, and was welcomed by the two little humans I gave birth to, the fur baby we recently adopted, and the same sweaty¬†sweet guy I married 14 years ago. Ah, how life has changed. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything else in the world.

Babe, thank you for being you, and letting me be me.

Day 130 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Day 110 -126/365

I have to stop calling these “catching up” posts. It seems like I have zero discipline when it comes to posting on a daily basis.

The past couple of weeks, I have suffered from non-busyness. I actually do well in life when I’m busy. But two weeks ago, all of a sudden a bunch of projects at work got finished up and sent out the door, and I wasn’t super busy anymore. It was nice to have a day to get a breather once in a while. But for me, when I’m not stressing out at work, I fall apart. I get bored. I slack off and get absolutely nothing done all day. This is also reflected in my photography. I missed many days.

So. Um. Yeah. Let’s move on and show you what I do have.

Day 110 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

These are two lovely people I have met at the Help Portrait events before. On this day, we were volunteering at Ronald McDonald House that hosts out-of-town families staying there for their children’s hospital visit at BC Children’s. Some are in town for a quick standard procedure, some have been there for 9 months for their children’s cancer treatment. There are no words to describe how much I looked forward to seeing my kids that night and holding them tight.

Day 112 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Sonia treated me to a cooking demonstration class for my birthday. The theme of the day was Mediterranean food. The food was great, and the company was even better.

Day 117 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Here is our growing pea plant. I have been meaning to show more photos of our planter box’s progress. But you know, lazy-itis got to me.

Day 118 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Savanna still likes playing with me at her current age. She doesn’t get tired of asking me to play her toys with her, do puzzles with her, read with her, or lay down in her bed with her. I am going to use this to remind her one day (when she is a teenager) that playing with mommy used to be cool.

Day 123 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I have this minor Pinterest addiction. I say minor because I can avoid it for 6 months at a time, then I will binge pinning non-stop for weeks. Anyway, I came across this turmeric tea recipe on Pinterest last week. I read in Scott Jerak’s book that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so I figured I’d give this tea a try since my tendonitis has been acting up. It actually tasted quite good.

Day 124 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I went with Josh’s class field trip to the Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad. This is where the kennels are. They look almost like prison cells from the outside. For some reason, I don’t think the dogs really care about how the hallway looks.

Day 125 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Spring is definitely here. A back-alley corner looks better than any gardening I would be able to come up with.

Day 126 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

I made some chocolate chip frozen yogurt for the kids. Savanna was wolfing hers down. I asked her if it was two thumbs up, and she only gave me one thumb. I guess it was good, but not amazing. Damn Pinterest.


Slow and steady does not win the race

Fiori bike

I’d like to think I am fast–a fast runner, a fast biker, a fast swimmer.

When I do these things by myself, and there’s no one to race against, I can feel the wind in my hair, and I think I’m fast.

Then, there’s reality.

The reality is, I am one of the slowest runner/biker, and one of the worst swimmers I know. Anytime I go hiking with friends, I’m always dead last. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great time. I am just…slow. Very slow.

Back in the college days (back in 2001), when I was young and stupid, I bought a road bike so I can train for a duathlon. A duathlon (instead of a triathlon) is a race of cycling and running, made for swimming flunkies like me. Rather than swim-bike-run, you do run-bike-run. The bike I had enough money for is the Fiori Roma. I think I paid $180 at Sports Junkies. I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s the exact same bike as the above photo I stole off the internet. Except mine didn’t have a cool paint job like this one.

I lived by the foothill of SFU at that time, and would ride the bike on Barnett Highway as training. I would ride that highway to Port Moody and back, and pat myself on my back for how fast I thought I was. I would run around the track at school to train for the running portion, and again doing it by myself while being completely oblivious to my slowness.

My friend Ryan joined me for the duathlon. Race day came, he took off at the start line, wishing me good luck. I started running hard, giving the race all my might. I felt like a champion, running with good form with my chest up. A few kilometers later, I noticed I am being passed by everybody and their dog. Literally. By the end of the run, I was exhausted.

Then I started with the cycling portion. I peddled hard. Other bikes started passing me. Still more other bikes continued to pass me. I kept telling myself that’s because these real athletes are riding the super lightweight race bikes, and I’m riding a vintage clunker. Then I noticed people riding their mountain bikes with fat knobby tires passing me. WTF?

By the time I got off the bike, my legs felt like jello. I left my bike and started the last running portion. I felt like shit. I had no idea how to train for a run other than a few laps around the track. And even though I thought I was pretty decent at running, at an event like this, I realized how lousy I was. I had to try really hard to pass a lady at least 3 times my age and twice my weight. I nearly vomited multiple times.

Still, I pushed on, running as hard as I could.

Either the cycling or the running course–I don’t really remember which one now–for the duathlon makes you go around the same route twice to make up enough distance. And for whatever reason, this fact completely escaped me. Essentially, I only completed half the distance required for one of the legs.

As I struggled along the last few km of the run (after already missing half the distance), the organizer van was picking up the cones and closing the course right behind me. I was gasping for air and my lungs felt like they were going to explode. I finally finished the race, and got my “finisher” medal.

When I saw my friend Ryan after the race, he was saying how going around the course twice was really hard on him. I was like, “Uh, what do you mean twice?” That’s when I realized I didn’t even really finish the race, since I totally took a wrong turn and missed half the course. And even then, I finished dead last in my age group.

I never participated in another duathlon again. I swore I would never do another one, or a marathon or half marathon or anything silly like that.

Now, in 2017, I am old and stupid. A friend was talking about doing a half marathon as a mean to push her limits. Something possessed me to put up my hand and say, “Oh, I’ll do it with you.” Then I am pretty sure she held a gun to my head and make me type in the registration details online. So apparently on October 1 this year, I’ll be running my first half marathon.

The half marathon training starts next Monday. If you are looking for me this weekend, I’ll be at home, drinking away my sorrows, and toasting the vintage Fiori Roma for all the times she made me feel fast.

Day 103, 104, 105/365

Day 103 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Josh and I went for a bike ride to Jericho beach. The whole trip was just over 9 kilometres. He was so determined to beat his previous record of trip length.

Day 104 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

This is Howard, Josh’s class bear. Howard goes home with a different child each day. The child gets to hang out with Howard and write in Howard’s journal about what they did together. On this day, Howard got to go with Josh for a photoshoot to capture the cherry blossom in Vancouver.

Day 105 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Another day, another bike ride to the beach. I love being on two wheels, and it gives me such immense pleasure to see Josh enjoy it too.