Two years of bike commuting

Two years ago when the car insurance expired, we were in the middle of a tight patch financially. I didn’t want to fork out money for insurance, so I thought I’d try bike commuting. One thing lead to another, here I am, still bike commuting after 2 years.


Early morning detour through Stanley Park on a stormy day


The ridiculous amount of layers when it was -7c out.

My commute is easy in terms of:

  • Less than 5-km each way
  • Mostly on separate bike lanes (downtown Vancouver, Burrard bridge, Arbutus Greenway), parts on quieter shared roadways
  • Locker, hot shower, and towel service at work (a building managed by Oxford Properties)

Some days it feels like my commute is a bit too short, and I will purposely take the long way to make it a 10-km ride. And since I got tired of taking my pannier rack on and off the bike for commuting vs. gravel rides, I have ditched the panniers and rack in favor of a waterproof roll-top backpack. Adding a pair of winter riding shoes (warm and waterproof) this year has made me a much happier person.

I love riding my bike. I love the fresh air. I love sweating. I love the view over the Burrard Bridge. I love the view of False Creek when I take a detour. I love meeting a friend for dinner anywhere downtown and not worry about parking. I love the freedom. I love that I can hop off the bike and instantly become a pedestrian where the situation suits. I love that I can decompress before I go home.

I can go on and on and on.


Of course, there is a little bit of this white stuff this winter.

It doesn’t take a lot to start commuting to work (assuming you are within a reasonable distance from work). I would say within 10-km one way is reasonable. I find any further than that, the level of commitment is higher. For longer commutes, you need better gear to make your life easier. My commute is so short that even if I had shitty gear, I’d be totally fine. That’s just my very personal opinion.

To get started, you need:

  • a bike
  • a helmet
  • a backpack
  • bike lights (front white light, back red blinky light)

When I first started, I had a $250 bike that was very old, a $50 helmet that made me sweat buckets, a general purpose backpack (to contain my lunch and change of clothes), and a $40 set of front and back lights.

Only when I decided that I love it enough to be in it for the long haul, I upgraded my gear.

If you are thinking of trying bike commuting, start small. Schedule in 2 days a week to commute on bike, and just see how it goes. You might just like it enough to ditch your car or your bus pass.


Detour through False Creek


Detour through Spanish Banks


The usual view over Burrard bridge


Great find on another detour.

Day 66/365 {Not just coffee}

I had a really, really, really shitty start to the week. Multiple things have gone wrong both on the client front and on the staff front. I came in to work early this morning to deal with some things, but really all I wanted to do was curl up in fetal position, suck on my thumb, and rock back and forth.

While I was deep into doing some research, Sonia walked into my office and put a cup of coffee on my desk. I was like, uh, what’s this? She said she brought me coffee because she knew I was having a shitty week.

Sometimes, things can get shitty in life. But then when you have friends like Sonia, who reads your mind before you even realize how you are feeling, the shitty-ness all of a sudden does not seem so bad.

Day 66 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Day 35/365 {Baby Bear going strong}


If you have been following this blog for a while, you would have read about Baby Bear. If not, here are some links to get you caught up.

The first blog story about Baby Bear

My own reflections of Baby Bear

Adventures of Baby Bear

As Savanna gets older and we “baby” her less, Josh also babies Baby Bear a little less. Having said that, he still takes Baby Bear to the park in the summer when we go play, and always brings her on vacations and ski trips.

Today, we were going out to run errands, and Josh brought Baby Bear. He likes tucking her in his jacket facing out, “so she can see where we are going.”

I love it that he hasn’t outgrown Baby Bear.

Day 23/365 {Diffused}


Last winter was brutal. At least one person was sick in the house at all times for 10 weeks straight. I felt so beaten up by bronchitis.

Aside from all the regular preventative measures like taking vitamin C, zinc and echinacea, this year I thought I would try a diffuser with essential oils.

The older I get, the more hippie I have become.

Anyway, I got a basic diffuser and some “Thieves”. Apparently some grave robbers used this particular blend to prevent getting sick from all the crap they breathe in when they open up a grave. I’ll report back at the end of winter how this goes.