Day 132/365 {kindergarten}

Day 132 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

Last week was Savanna’s kindergarten “welcome session”. I can’t believe she’ll be going to kindergarten in September already. Where has the time gone?

While we were sitting in the school cafeteria waiting for the session to start, I whispered her name, she turned around, and that’s when I snapped this photo.

I love this kid so much.


Day 127-129/365

Day 128 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The principal at Josh’s school has been away for a few weeks for health reasons. Josh decided one night that he was going to write Mr. Evans a card. It said, “I hope you are orite (alright)”. I thought it was very sweet of him.

Day 129 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The tube in my bike’s back tire bursted one night without warning. I had the bike turned upside down and snapped this photo of my gear while I waited for Cliff to come home with new tubes.

Day 127 of 365 Angela Chang Photography

The sun rises earlier and earlier everyday now. I am starting to forget what it’s like to wake up in the dark, go to the gym in the dark, and go to work in the dark. This photo was the sun casting shadows on the fire escape door in my building at 5:30 am while I was on my way to the gym.