Day 37 to 40/365 {Calgary}

I spent most of last week in Calgary. I escaped the snow in Vancouver, and went to endure the -22 C temperature in Calgary. It’s hard to tell what is better.

I’m getting too behind my blog now, so I’m putting a few pictures in one post.

Day 37– I was looking out the window of the place I stayed at in Calgary.


Day 38–Many of the downtown buildings are connected by a network of walkways called “+15”. They are 15 feet above ground, and keep everyone warm in the winter time. This is rush hour traffic downtown, shot from a +15 walkway.


Day 39–After one late night out, I was exhausted. Conferences. Love them, and hate

Day 40–After two very late nights, I was done. I haven’t felt this tired in a long time. All I can think of is I can’t wait to get home. Of course, the plane was delayed. We have been having all sorts of weather related delays. When we finally few over Richmond, it was an odd sight to see the farmland covered in snow. We don’t often get snow in the city, so it is very rare. At least I have left the -22C behind, and came home to +2C. Warm coastal weather FTW!



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