Day 22/365 {Rain or Shine}


We were skiing in Whistler this weekend. This morning, while I was sitting on the chair lift with Savanna, we played a game of “I spy”. It’s our chair lift routine. I love listening to her sweet little voice while she makes me guess what she has seen with her eyes.

After the game, she pointed to the glistening snow and said it looked like ice cream. I said, “Hey, do you want to get some ice cream today?” Ice cream is a special treat, and not something we get on a regular basis. But she had just charmed me to death with her cute voice, and had just showed me a whole morning of great attitude even when skiing got a little hard. I couldn’t resist but offer up a special treat just because she mentioned it. I’m so weak.

We went to Rain or Shine, and she picked salted caramel. She’s definitely my girl!


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