Day 17/365 {Ghost bubble}

To get to the gym in our complex is a convoluted process. I walk down 5 flights of stairs, go through the door to the courtyard, cross the courtyard to another connected building, get through another door, take another flight of stairs down, go through 2 more fire/security doors, down a loooong hallway, then finally arrive at the gym.

Usually I go through this process while still half-asleep, at 6 am. My eyes aren’t technically totally open yet, and nothing really even registers in my brain.

But one day, for some odd reason, I looked up on the ceiling of one stairwell. I saw this giant weird paint bubble. It looks like water leaked through the ceiling, separating the paint from the ceiling without coming through the paint, creating this bubble. It looked so weird but so fascinating, that I stared at it for a long time. I resembles something you would see in Ghost Busters, so I named it the Ghost bubble.

I am just DYING to poke this bubble to see what’s behind it. One of these days I will have to bring my ski pole with me to the gym, so I can poke this bubble on the way there!



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