Day 10/365 {Flowers}


I bought flowers on the weekend.

I almost never buy flowers. In fact, when Cliff and I started dating, I told him to stop buying me flowers because it is frivolous and they die in a week. I would much prefer something that I can utilize for more than a week. He started buying me kitchen utensils. So I married him.

But this weekend’s Apartment Therapy challenge is to buy flowers. It’s a “gift” for your home. So I went to a flower shop down the road, and bought the cheapest flowers I can find. Because, you know, I still kinda think it’s frivolous. It was either a potted little cypress left over from Christmas, or these tulips. I thought the tulips looked nice.

I put the tulips in the only vase we own. Josh commented that it is so nice to have some flowers. Wow. I might start buying flowers more often!


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