Day 6/365 {Jump}


I got to pick up Savanna from preschool today. It was just starting to warm up enough that some of the snow on the ground has melted. The two of us had a puddle jumping party behind the community centre, kicking and splashing, making a muddy mess of our shoes and pants.

Unrelated story. Some guy walked by us and smiled. I thought we made him smile by our silliness. I smiled back. You know, I was being friendly and neighbourly and all. A couple of minutes later, after Savanna and I had enough puddle splashing, she looked up and pointed to the side my camera and asked, “Mommy, what’s that?”

I turned my camera around and looked. To my horror, I realized that the back-up tampon in my camera bag was stuck on my wrist strap, hanging off the side of my camera. This whole time I was taking pictures and jumping in puddles, the tampon was hanging off my camera.

Now I wonder if the guy who smiled at us earlier was actually smiling at us, or was stifling a laugh at me.


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