Day 4/365 {Life, unscripted}

2016 was a very busy year at work. When I was in town, I often worked late and won’t see the kids at night. Then I also traveled a fair bit, missing the kids a few days in a row. It was getting pretty ridiculous. Then I decided that come hell or high water, I’m going to make it home for dinner two days during the week.

Tonight is one of those nights I booked in my calendar–leaving work on time and making it home to have dinner with the kids. Did I get to do anything “special”? No, not really. But I got to see the coloring pages they did, smell the chlorine on their little bodies from swimming lessons, and got to see them during bath time. It is in those ordinary things that I find joy, and these little beings are the reason I am unapologetic for leaving work on time.



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