Day 3/365 {Vacuum/Bubble}

At my day job, it feels like I spend half my day in the stairwell. The firm is spread out over 7 floors, and I’m on the middle floor. Taking the elevator down a couple of floors seems silly. Taking the elevator up a couple of floors takes longer than using the stairs. So I end up using the stairs, multiple times a day.

On this day, I was coming up the stairs after a meeting with some demanding people. I knew by the time I walked back to my desk, I’d be facing more demands from other people. So I paused in the stairwell, just allowing my mind to go blank for 5 seconds. Being in the stairwell is like being in a vacuum or bubble. It’s quiet. I can’t hear my phone ring. No one knows I’m there. I just needed that pause. Then I took a deep breath, and went back to my desk to finish being an adult for the day.



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