This year, Savanna learns to ski

Last year, I nearly had a meltdown after the first day of Josh’s ski school. He was frustrated, hungry and cold, and I denied him pizza as a treat. He cried and screamed while I dragged him back in the car so we can go home.

Luckily, Savanna is the second child, and I had learned the errors of my ways by the time she started ski school this year. Her pockets were stuffed with heat packs to keep her warm. We arrived on the mountain early enough to have pizza first, they get a special snack in the car afterwards, AND hot chocolate is ready waiting for them.

All my failures aside, I really don’t think Savanna needed me to coddle her. I remember when I dropped her off at preschool when she was 2, and she walked in without looking back. When I dropped her off at ski school, she gave me a little wave and off she went.

Yesterday was her first class. For nearly 3 hours, she learned to ski in -9 C. I was so cold that I had to go inside the lodge to wait. When I went to pick her up, she was the only one still practicing while the other kids have had enough. Her cheeks and her fingers were frozen red, and she had a healthy amount of snot running down her face. But she gave me a big smile and told me she’s a great skier.

My heart just about exploded with pride.

Savanna, you never have to be a great skier. Your attitude makes you the greatest skier in my books!


Coming up on the magic carpet



That smallest girl in the purple helmet is my pride and joy.


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