Tony Horton is going to kick my butt

Being 40 has been a great ride so far. One of my resolves this year was to get healthy.

I went to try out a spin class near my place back in August. The spin studio instructor asked me if I wanted to sign up for home workout streaming videos. Since I had lots of work travel plans this fall/winter, I figured it would be a great way to keep up with my fitness goals while on the road.

The videos ranged from yoga to body building, from pilates to cardio workouts. I tried a few, and got hooked on 21 Day Fix Extreme. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed going to the gym and actually working out. I am loving just feeling stronger.

I finished the 21-day program last week. But since I still have lots of room for improvement, especially in my core strength (or the lack thereof), I decided to pick another workout series to follow.

One of the series in the video library is called P90X3, done by a trainer named Tony Horton. Apparently it’s on late night infomercials often. Anyway, I like the idea of doing an intense but short workout everyday, and following a calendar of what an expert tells me to do.

So today, November 7th, will be Day 1 of the P90X3 workout. This program goes on for 90 days, which will take me through Christmas and all the way into February. 90 days! The little devil sitting on my right shoulder is telling me I’ll never make it.

I feel like I need to put this out there so I have some accountability. I know at least some of you will ask me how the program is going. So, here I go. I am getting ready to get my butt kicked.



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