Broken angels

I was actually hoping to read more than just 2 books in August, but work has just been too busy. I read the Yellow Crocus pretty fast as it was a short book. I started the second book right away, but just haven’t gotten back to it until we took a couple of vacation days to go to Whistler with the kids. One night after the kids went to bed, I started reading. It was so good that I couldn’t put it down. By the time I finished the book, it was almost 3:30 am!

The second book I read in August is called Broken Angels. It’s a story about these heartbreaking things that happen during WWII in Poland with the Jews.

I don’t enjoy reading about war. But I do enjoy reading about the resilience of people and culture in the setting. This book is set in the same timeframe as Finding Rebecca, which I enjoyed.

As a side note, I have long ago decided that books take up too much space. As much as I enjoy reading, I don’t enjoy figuring out how to house books in our small apartment. So a few years ago I bought a Kindle. Buying a book now takes less than a minute–I click “order” on Amazon, and then press the synch button on the Kindle to download the book which is less than 30 seconds. It has been a good space saving solution for me. I also love how I can take multiple books on a trip in a small device. The display works beautifully even in sunlight. I can also set the font to large for my old

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