Itchy fat

I used to hate running. Every time I ran, I got the itchy fat–all the fat bits on me get super itchy–under arm, belly, the back rolls, thighs, and the butt. I would scratch my thighs and under arm so much that the red scratch marks would last for days.

But last year I endured the itchy fat so I could win a Fitbit competition with a co-worker. Then one day, I realized–I enjoyed running. Weird. I ran enough that eventually the itchy fat went away. For the past year, I ran 3 or 4 times a week. Just 5 km at a time, but I was consistent.

Then back in July, in a dumb freak incident in a swimming pool, I ripped my left big toe nail right off the nail bed. I have been living in gauze and bandages and flipflops ever since, and unable to run.

Now 6 weeks later, the nail has healed enough that I can actually wear proper shoes again. Last night, I put on my runners for the first time in a long time, and went for a short run. Oh my, the itchy fat came back with a vengeance! My entire mid section from the chest to the knees was itching so much that it felt like I was burning. I gritted my teeth and endure the itch for a very slow 4.5 km run.

Damn you, itchy fat!

hurt toe

Hobbled out of the pool after bleeding everywhere


First run in 6 weeks

3 thoughts on “Itchy fat

  1. I have the same itchy fat syndrome – it started after I had my second child! I love running, but have actually given it up for almost 2 decades. Haven’t found anyone to explain the phenomenon. So glad, in a way, to hear someone else has the same issue.

    • ROFL, Vicky! I have tried for so long to find someone with the same issue, but nope, most people stare at me blankly and think I’m nuts. The good news is, the itchy fat goes away after 4 or 5 runs. I ran again today and it was less severe. I am hoping in another week or so, it’ll be gone. It just motivates me to not take too long of a break. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much ladies I thought I was going crazy I was about to make a doctors apt I started to wear a band to make my body sweat more so I could lose weight faster and when I took it off my fat was so itchy but only the fat parts of my body its crazy

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