To Calgary and back

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting in Kelowna, a meeting a Calgary, then another meeting in Kelowna. Rather than flying, I decided to take the motorcycle given that we’re in the middle of beautiful riding weather.

On Friday, I set off for Kelowna. The ride from Vancouver to Kelowna was uneventful. I have done the most boring Hwy 1 and the beautiful Coquihalla a number of times.

On Saturday, I left Kelowna and headed south towards Osoyoos, then east towards the Nelson. I got to Nelson around 5 pm, so I figured I had enough daylight left to cram in a bit more mileage. I went up to Belfour to catch the ferry across Kootenay Lake. By the time I got across the lake, daylight was starting to fade and I was getting pretty tired. There was nothing to stop for south bound along the lake. The road was amazing–in fact, it was hands down one of the best roads I have ever been on. I eventually rolled into Creston, and picked a motel off the highway to stay at.

Leaving Creston on Sunday, I rode through Cranbrook and Fernie, turning up north just before Lundbrek to aim at Calgary. I mean, I have always thought BC is freaking amazing, but man, I have never seen how beautiful the interior is! After living in BC for 24 years, this was my first time in the interior. I feel like I found my new favorite motorcycle roads along Kootenay Lake, and my new favorite town of Fernie with the gorgeous mountains.

Two days later, I left Calgary, riding on Hwy 1 back west. So far, I have had nothing but amazing weather. But by the time I hit Sicamous, my luck had run out. Standing in the McDonalds parking lot (to steal wifi signal), I can see the dark rain clouds ahead. From Sicamous to Vernon, heavy rain pounded on my faceshield, thunder rolled, and lightning struck. The rain water pooled in the tire grooves on the pavement, making it a bit of a scary ride along Mare Lake. I probably could have made it to Kelowna that night, but I threw in my towel in Vernon and stayed the night.

I have never seen rain in Kelowna, until this trip. The next day, after my last of the meetings in Kelowna, I rode home with rain and hail on the Coquihalla.

In total, it was 2,413 km of solo riding through some of the best roads I’ve been on, and some of the best scenery in the world.


My route tracker

Kelowna trip-084006

Full of dead bugs

Kelowna trip-4193

Beautiful Okanagan

Kelowna trip-4196

Kootenay Lake ferry

Kelowna trip-124943

Advertised as “the biggest truck in the world” in Sparwood

Kelowna trip-4199

The fading light in Creston, BC

Kelowna trip-141853

A vintage Customs office in Grand Forks

bike trip-0012

This weather forecast gave me chills down my back. Luckily, I was a step behind the storm and avoided all of it on my way to Calgary.

Kelowna trip-4213

I thought I was going to get punished by the rain clouds on Hwy 22 in Alberta. Thankfully the rain held off.

Kelowna trip-4217


Kelowna trip-4219


Kelowna trip-4222


Kelowna trip-4223






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