Stolen days

Technically, I work part time and get Fridays off. I say “technically” because it doesn’t happen all the time. But on a Friday where I actually do get to take the day off, I feel like I have stolen an extra day to be with Savanna.

Yesterday was a stolen day. I worked for a couple of hours in the morning, then I turned on my “out of office” notification, and put away my cell phone. I picked up Savanna from preschool, and we went strawberry picking at Emma Lea on Westham Island.

It was cloudy and a quiet day at the farm. We had rows and rows of strawberry to ourselves. Savanna was so focused on looking for the perfect berries, she refused to leave even when she was obviously tired.

After Emma Lea, we went to Westham Island Herb Farm to see their animals. They had some new baby goats that Savanna loved. Before we even got back on the highway, Savanna had fallen sound asleep. With a trunk full of freshly picked strawberries, and a sleeping preschooler in the backseat, my heart is so content with the stolen day.

Strawberry picking Emma Lea-2Strawberry picking Emma Lea-4Strawberry picking Emma Lea


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