“When I’m an adult”

The other day, I picked up Josh from school. On the way to the car, all of a sudden he remembered something important to tell me. He said, “Hey, mommy, did you know that Ms. Hales and her mommy live in two different houses?” Ms. Hales is Josh’s teacher.

I said, “Yeah, that’s because Ms. Hales is an adult. Most adults don’t live with their mommies.”

Josh was surprised that I wasn’t surprised. He said, “But they don’t live together!”

I said, “I know. When you’re an adult, you probably won’t live with mommy either.”

His tone changed. He said sadly, “Oh. I’ll really miss you when I’m an adult.”

I laughed and said, “Hey, when you’re an adult, and if you want to live with me, that’s totally fine with me.”

He got happy again, and said, “Ok! I’ll live with you!”

That’s settled. I’m going to hold him to this.Josh_


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