Not easy

This time of the year is typically a very busy time at work for me. Couple that with a bit of a change (ok, maybe a big GIANT change) at home, it feels like I’m just flying by the seat of my pants.

About this big GIANT change.

When Savanna turned 1, I dragged my ass back to work. Cliff became the full time stay home dad. For the next two years, Cliff did the grocery shopping, cooking, drop-off/pick-up at school, banking errands, while answering all of my “where’s my wallet? where are my keys? where did I park the car? where did I leave my brain?” In the meantime, I changed jobs, changed roles, and ran the photography business. He kept our lives moving along.

Then, one day, he got a call from his last employer, begging him to go back to work on a new project. He really wanted to take the job.

Anyway, Cliff is now back at work.

Yeah, I know. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. I have received so many looks of pity, and pads on my back, like, “Now let’s see how you survive.”

I’m not griping about Cliff being back at work, or the stress of finding a part time nanny. It’s just that I’ve had it so good and easy for so long, I have lost touch with reality.

For example, one day Josh came home and his left eye was very red. I thought for sure it would be pink eye. Until we could get an appointment with an optometrist, who’s going to stay home with this dirty and infected child? (It turned out that it wasn’t pink eye. It was an allergic reaction.)

I had no idea what other parents have to go through if they both have day jobs. I mean, do you toss a coin and see who gets to cancel their work meeting and stay home?

Hats off to you two-working-parent families. This stuff is not easy!



Savanna doing art work in my office.


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