Year end tradition

Since Savanna was just over a month old, we’ve been coming to Whistler after Christmas for some family time every winter. It’s a great time to be away from our daily routine, and just focus on having fun and spending time with the kids.


One of the things the kids love the most, is being tossed onto the king size bed for a soft landing. It is now kind of a daily routine here that they request me to take photos, and Cliff to toss them.

This year, however, Josh’s weight has gotten to a point where Cliff had a hard time tossing him. So now Josh gets to jump from the dresser to the bed by himself. They become a sweaty mess with the jumping, giggling non-stop, and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

This reminds me that when we first started staying at this townhouse, the kids were obsessed with the stairs at this place. (They are stairs-deprived, growing up in a one-level apartment.) But this year they seemed to have lost interest in playing on the stairs. I wonder how many more years they would be interested in jumping from the dresser to the bed.

(No children were harmed in the making of these photographs.)



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