How do you have time for all that?

Cliff and Savanna

Often when people find out what I do–tax consulting work, photography business, and two little kids–I get this question: “How do you have time for all that?”

The answer is simple: Cliff.

Cliff is the one I call when I have forgotten my wallet, my work security card, or my keys. He’s the one to do school drop-offs and pick-ups and snacks and baths. When I have fallen asleep on the couch yet again, he puts me in bed and plugs my phone in the charger. When I have forgotten to take my leftover lunch out of my bag and went on a business trip, he’d find the surprise days later and clean it out for me. He runs all my bank errands. He takes the kids to various activities during the week, so we can spend family time together on the weekends.

Early in our marriage, I learned that having him on my team is a good thing. Right now, while life is busy and the house is always messy, having him on my team is the only reason how I “have time for all that”.


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