Where did September go?

I don’t know where September went. Did you see it?

Between the kids starting school, me freaking out about school, and traveling for work, all of a sudden it is October. Many friends have asked how the kids are doing in school, so I figured I’d give a quick update.

Savanna, since day one, walked into preschool like she has done this before. She never had a moment of hesitation or separation anxiety. She runs in happily, and leaves happily. I hear she had one meltdown once when the teacher asked her to put a stick down. Aside from that, she’s always talking about her teachers, her friends, and her preschool. She is loving it.

Josh loves kindergarten. During gradual entry, he complained the days are too short. He comes home providing very little information about what he has done all day, so we just don’t bother asking generic questions like “What did you learn today” or even “How was school today”. His teacher keeps a pretty good blog about the class, so at least us parents know roughly what they’ve been doing each week. Most days he eats very little of his lunch and snacks. His teacher told us that he talks so much and gets so distracted that he doesn’t have time to eat his lunch or snack. Funny how he gets those genes from his daddy. Since starting school, he has falling asleep at night quicker. I think all the excitement of being in school all day wears him out pretty good.

As for me, I’ve been keeping up with running four times a week. Since June this year, I have run just over 400 km. For the first time in my life, I have started to enjoy running. I never thought this day would come. On the work front, I spent over 100 hours in August and September writing a tax technical paper, and presented it last week in Ottawa. The presentation was a little nerve wrecking, knowing that I was presenting to people who are experts in the field. October will see a few more overnight work trips, but nothing as long as being away for a whole week like last week.Josh and Vanna-2 Josh and Vanna-3 Josh and Vanna


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