Disaster kit letter

Cliff told me that Savanna’s preschool requested us to put together a “disaster kit/earthquake kit” for her. The three items they asked for are:

  • A photograph
  • A toy
  • A letter from the parents to the child

Ok, I can come up with a photograph and a toy pretty easily. But a letter? A letter for the teachers to read to Savanna in the event of a disaster or an earthquake. How the heck am I supposed to write THAT? All I could think of is what happens if Cliff or I are dead? “Dear Savanna, if you are reading this, we’re dead…”

So Cliff started the letter, and I added to it. This is what we came up with. We’re trying to be reassuring and upbeat, and provide some distraction at the end. I just hope Savanna will NEVER need to read this letter!


To our sweetheart,

Something scary just happened and we know you may be scared. The teachers and emergency crew are going to take care of you. We know you will listen to your teachers and be helpful. You can ask them any questions you have. It’s ok to cry if you are scared. In the meantime, don’t forget to help your friends and your teachers, and be kind.

Mommy and daddy can take care of ourselves. We are on our way to come get you and Josh as soon as we can. Nothing is more important to us than you and Josh. We can’t wait for that moment of holding you in our arms. Wait for us patiently.

Mommy and daddy are so proud of you. You are growing and your own personality is shining through. We love your giggles and your kisses and your silliness. Josh loves playing with you and having you as his sister.

Hey, do you remember we saw Elsa at Kiera’s birthday party, and Elsa sang “Let it go” and put make-up on your face? How about this weekend we go see Elsa again, sing “Let it go” together, and you pick two eye shadow colors from mommy’s palette to put on your eyes? We can also do two pigtails with blue elastics to go with your make-up. That’ll be so much fun.

We are on our way to get you now. See you soon!


Mommy and daddy


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