Double whammy

This week is going to be a double whammy for me. Not only is Josh embarking on the new journey of kindergarten, Savanna is also entering the brand new territory of preschool on the same day. I am not sure how much I can bear!

When Josh started preschool, I was too clued out to even register him. By the time I realized that registration had started 6 months ago, it was 3 days before preschool started. Luckily the wait list was short and Josh got in.

With Savanna, I was prepared. Kind of like everything else when it comes to the second child. I registered her months beforehand, and secured a desired time slot at a location we wanted. She knew what preschool meant, because she had seen Josh going to preschool. We got her spare set of clothes bagged and labeled, and spare water bottles and snack bags ready to go. Everything seemed ready and easy–everything except my weak little heart.

Being the younger one, she’ll always be “the baby”. How is it that “the baby” is going to preschool now? She has never left our sight before this day. How is she going to manage in preschool with all the kids bigger than her? What if she cries when we’re not there? What if she doesn’t like the snacks? What if bigger kids bully her? What if she can’t figure out how to put her shoes on?

I am just going to sit here and hold my breath until I figure out how Savanna is going to adjust to preschool.

Savanna-3 Savanna-4 Savanna-5


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